Americas Got Talent

starts tomorrow night (Tuesday)- figured I would start a thread...lets kick back, it's summer, turn off our brains, maybe tape it...who REALLY cares? and hey, as a BK bonus, its got Her Klum in it....(and some other annoying people).

maybe a drinking game for every time Uncles T'lo mention her costume, er, outfit in their post?

what do you think of the host? don't hole back...who is more annoying? Howie or Stern?


  • So it begins....

    mixed and then you see the japanese (sp) dancers whose name I can't pronounce (very multi-media). dang. one of a kind and memorable.

    Hasn't someone see Piff the Magic Dragon (maybe you know my brother....Steve?) before? Charming, british, droll (and funny!)
  • okay- how the HELL did the 'cuddling chick' get air time?

  • Oh man. I NEVER watch this show. The kid with the stuttering disability had me sobbing and laughing, and then sobbing again. Is it normally this emotional?
  • well they CAN pick em....the stuttering kid made me think of "Cousin _____" on Facts of Life...

    there is always a few human interests things....I love that that gave him the 'auto-pass' to the main show..(did you catch the guy who has lost his daughter? he was a singer...utterly charming... (then there are the obligatory duds (jumping onto a giant whoopee cushion, etc...)

    I found myself rooting for the stuttering guy just to get thru the jokes... but would you pay good money to see him in Vegas? thats the catch-22.
  • For some reason this is a 'hate-watch' show in my house. We swear we won't watch it (and don't if we can find anything else at all) but always get sucked in. The hypnosis guy with Howie last night was strange, and must-see at the same time. It was hard not to keep wondering if it all was on the level or an elaborate joke.
  • Team Ira!  
  • wow, the blind dancer had me on my feet!!! amazing!
  • I never watched this show for the first 27 seasons (well, it seems like it's been on that long!) but it must be a slow night for anything else on TV, so have started watching.  I don't mind Howard (who knew??) and love Heidi and Mel.  Howie - he doesn't annoy me too much either.  I do like the scenes they film behind the set, when they're 'doing' makeup, or eating - I think they're amusing.  Loved the blind dancer!
  • tonight- the drag queen comic was oddly charming....the older/younger dancer? no. (what happens when she breaks a hip?), the high-tech dancer/black light thing? nice- but haven't we seen SEVERAL version of that routine? I don't think it will make it.....The ventriloquist? just bored me, sorry...

  • I enjoyed the dance. I like the surprise of it being about re-enacting Genesis

    I agree that I doubt they will make the it to the finals. Most dance acts (and performance acts for that matter) that come on the show make 1 big mistake. They lapse in the choreography. They do great at the audition but they haven't worked enough new routines ahead of time for the successive rounds. You need a lot of time and effort to put together great pieces. Often the new routines become repetitive and they lose their novelty

    I can recall that girl from last year who founded her own dance group, ie her + a bunch of pretty male dancers who did her bidding. She had an enormous ego and acted like her shit didn't stink. Her choreography got progressively more stale as the weeks rolled on. When Howard took her to task for it, she got all bitchy and mouthed off to howard and to Nick.

    1 of the reasons that japanese guy Kinichi won a couple years ago was becuase he kept surprising people with his dance routines. He actually had a very narrow range of dance skills but he was very creative when it came to choreogrpahy
  • I can get past the extremely high level of kitsch. 
  • or the 20 minutes of introductions/behind the scene product plugs ("here in the _______ lounge") and heart-tugging (churning) stories
  • the LA childrens orchestra- cute, schmaltzy- no chance in hell
    the drag queen comic- utterly charmed!
    the accapella (sp) group- yawn
  • the pain more far can that go?
  • MODS_ please kill this thread. thanks
  • was so glad to see the ventriloquist get bumped forward last night- LOVED his 'family friendly' act- utterly charming.... the 'every story has to have ducks in it' was beyond wonderful... reminded me of the days of Red Skelton, sweet and touching...

    if I had kids I would love to take them to a show of his work...

    also liked the 'country' group- also charming. (I was shocked that the red headed contortionist got thru...I found her...generic)
  • Gad, what a weird show...watched last night..there was a dancer, just one guy on a stage. I glanced over and the room stopped- the guy was just utterly amazing, stopped the crowd. Wow (sadly he did not make it thru). I give them credit for a wide range. (and a few 'sure things' choked under pressure and crashed and burned... so...).

    Still looking forward to seeing the ventriloquist (from above) and there are of course the sentimental acts (the grieving father who sings thru his raw pain is pretty amazing).

    Anyone else?
  • okay- this stuttering comic is so utterly just want to love him!
  • okay- this stuttering comic is so utterly just want to love him!
    yes he was charming. His adlibs were good

    that ventriloquist was good as well as the japanese performance act
  • drat, I missed the japanese group (were they on at the beginning)

    I don't think Piff the magic dragon did his best, but I still like him...

    so who did you vote for?

    for me- the ventriloquist, the stuttering comic and (drat)...
    the singer at the end was good.

    I like the bearded/balding singer (just based on his looks (woof!) but god, I am sick of them hyping his sad sack story...sheesh....

    there was 2 acts that Howard dissed and I agreed with him...esp the dance acts - there are too many good ones to be mediocre (the trio of singers (young guys) simply a BAD choice...not good at all, I like them- but that was a BAD performance...bad choice (and the back ground made my eyes twitch)
  • So the new season has started

    there were some wacky acts

    however I was entertained more than I cringed
  • I just wish they would edit more (the long stretches of filler gets old)

    what did you think of the little kid who told jokes? funny a second time?
  • I just wish they would edit more (the long stretches of filler gets old)

    what did you think of the little kid who told jokes? funny a second time?
    Hard to say. maybe he will maybe not

    I am interested more what that magician with the visual effects will do next time. He'll need to do higher level of magic tricks if he wants to win. The lighting show was terrific though
  • I forgot to mention, that mindreading act was superb

    obviously there is some kind of trick on their part, still it was amazing. It will be interesting to see if they can bring it up a noitch for the live rounds
  • that moving background/graphic have GOT to go....very distracting...

    (and the punching ballerinas were kind of funny- assuming they got buzzed off)
  • I don't watch the show, but my rocker friends are *dying* over the 82 yr old guy singing Drowning Pool
  • It had potential but was just too.......odd for me.

    however anyone else get chills on the little girl with the ukelele?
    think she deserved the 'golden buzzer'?
  • It had potential but was just too.......odd for me.

    however anyone else get chills on the little girl with the ukelele?
    think she deserved the 'golden buzzer'?
    I re-watched her on the website. there is something so touching and genuine about her. And her song and the way she performed felt so honest. I think she needs a couple more years to strengthen her voice but I think she's got something worth invetsing in

    that Japanes dance troupe with the drones was fun and original. Ultimately I think we can thank past winner Kinichi for this influx of japanese perfomers who do interesting visual shows that have cropped up in the past couple of years
  • I debated the girl and yes, there was something just a touch....magical.

    She deserved the buzzer. (the fact that I am getting goosebumps again thinking about the performance- says yes....)
  • Anyone else loving the trangendered older woman comic?

    The (young) son-mother dance team creeped me out a bit...doing a 'come hither' to your mom? brrrrr....

    also liked the young magician brother-sister.

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