• Yeah, the birth scenes were a bit graphic for me--and I've been there, done that.  They did have fun with the various birthing traditions--water births, a C-section, midwife.

    Riley grew on me, but it took pretty much the whole darn season--I have to admit my reaction when she was walking about with the baby in the snow was wondering why she didn't have the sense to button up the baby in her jacket next to her and walk back up to the road.  And, yes, I also think she's the future cluster-mom. 

    Wolfgang was pretty entertaining--even clothed. I kind of prefer both Hernando and Amanita to their cluster-member lovers--particularly Amanita.  Who knew Martha Jones could be so entertaining freed from Dr. Who?  
  • When Riley had the baby I was shouting "Skin to skin! Put it under your shirt! It can eat there too!" I decided to chalk it up to the trauma she'd just experienced, though.
  • And I think she was rather young too, I got the impression she was in high school or college when she got pregnant and married Magnus.
  • Forget Riley. I was shouting "Slow down jackass!" at Mangus through that whole scene. 

  • MsIves said:
    When Riley had the baby I was shouting "Skin to skin! Put it under your shirt! It can eat there too!" I decided to chalk it up to the trauma she'd just experienced, though.
    Yes--exactly.  I tried the trauma excuse, but, honestly, if she was together enough to hold the baby and sing to it, I think she was capable of sticking it under her jacket.  I mean, I think that sort of thing would be second nature in a place like Iceland where people know the ins and out of exposure.  

    It also made me think of a story years ago--a Cambodian woman's car crashed and the car went down a 50-foot ravine.  The woman took her two-year-old who was also in the car and climbed out of this steep ravine.  She held her child with one arm and her other arm was broken.  Somehow, she got to the top and waved for help.  This wasn't long after the killing fields and I always thought that woman must have learned to be that tough the hard way.  

    Now I still think that, but as a mother, I also think you often end up doing whatever it takes (not all mothers, but more than I realized pre-motherhood)--it's that whole protect-offspring-at-all-costs mindset that kicks in.

    But, still, it's a fictional story about empaths, so I'll have to let it go. :)
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    There will definitely be a season 2. Cute to make the announcement on the Sensates' birthday.

    Netflix has also posted a fun "making of" documentary.
  • Well, that's good news...except for the part where we have to wait for season two to be released.
  • There's a Christmas special dropping on the 23rd! Between this, Rouge One and the Doctor Who Christmas special, I am one happy Blerd!

  • I was so psyched when I heard about that, I love Sense8. 
  • I watched this first thing yesterday morning. Then I spent all day binging on the first season. *Spoiler* I had forgotten that Felix didn't die and wasn't sure that Kala had married Rajean. *Spoiler*. Last  night  I rewatched the Christmas special. I liked the way the special picked up with the aftermath of the finale and set things up for season 2.
  • Just finished the Christmas special. A great way to get reacquainted with both the story and the characters.

    When the theme song and those amazing opening images started, I got a shivering down my spine. Easily one of the best musical and visual TV show openers. It's freaking hypnotic.

    Sun is probably my favorite television character right now. She's so compelling, quietly charismatic, slyly funny and badass as hell.

    Not quite like season 1 Capheus will take some getting used to.
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