Petty Complaints



  • Cramps and gas.  
  • the dog (in my lap) barking so loud my ears are ringing
  • I keep nailing my winged liner, then my eyes tear up ever so slightly due to nothing and it smudges it.
  • Smashed a couple of my fingers in the fridge door this morning and 14 hours later, they still hurt.
  • I tweeted something yesterday that kept getting retweeted and liked, and it had a dumb typo in it.
  • I think I have those asbestos fingers like a chef, I really don't.
  • It's Monday. I do not want it to be Monday. 
  • depression creeping back in, hello my old friend

  • I'm at work and highly undercaffeinated
  • Husbeast got himself a beer and didn't offer me one. I don't want a beer, I just wanted him to offer.
  • It's 8:07am, I'm at work, and a beer would be frowned up by colleagues. 
  • It's Monday and I'm still hating my hair and I'm not really happy about my outfit either. I wish I could go home and start over. Or just go home and stay there. 
  • I wish I rinsed and conditioned my hair this morning. Got it colored on Sat so I wait as long as I can before rinsing it, It needed it today. 
  • It's Monday, rainy and gloomy. I'm also in the office alone and am only here today because a coworker wanted to have lunch. She also asked me to be here for a meeting that she's having with someone else. *sigh*  
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    My scheduled report only returned 1,100 records of data instead of 2K+.... so now I have to rerun it manually.
  • I have a crick in my neck. 
  • there's nothing good to eat in my office.
  • I forgot to bring a pair of socks when I came downstairs for breakfast and now I have to go back up to get them before I can put my shoes on.
  • Spouse and I took turns being sick the past week, all while trying to keep a 5 month old from not also getting sick (and said child woke me at 3:00 this morning for a feeding/"party" hour) :-p
  • My boss is out of the office today and it's super slow, which is making it difficult to focus on doing actual work.
  • My feet are cold.
  • It's thunderstorming and I have to leave the house. 
  • I am on day 2 of a sinus headache, and it makes me want to break into tears for any frustration, no matter how minor (install steps taking long, expecting a call back and but need to go pee, etc.)
  • Turned on my work computer this morning and got a message that my hard disk is failing and to STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW. The IT guy said to go on about my business and hope it doesn't die before I go on vacation starting tomorrow afternoon. Apparently it's been failing since OCTOBER but decided to start sending me messages today.
  • I have a chin hair long enough to feel but too short to pluck.
  • I'm losing a battle with my slightly-too-small sports bra. After a mighty tussle I got one of three hooks to meet, but I can't get the other two and I can barely breathe as it is. I have a person here working on my front door so I feel I should at least be sealed into my undergarment, but I'm terrified it will burst at an inopportune moment. 
  • I forgot to eat lunch and now have a hunter headache but I feel like it's too close to dinner to have anything
  • It's pouring rain and I have to walk home from the bus.
    Without an umbrella.
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    Right now, I wish I was Anna Wintour, instead of Anna P. Because this is who comes over to your house for a pre-MET Gala dinner:

  • I can't remember if commiserating is against the rules, but goddamn, @Anna_P, that sucks. 
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