Programs based on books coming in 2017

Great Buzzfeed article on new shows based on books that are coming this year. Sounds like some good ones, but what REALLY made my day was one of my favorite actors cast in one of my favorite book series: Tom Burke (Musketeers) in the Cormoran Strike series (J.K. Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith). I love the Musketeers and am eagerly awaiting their next season, and I'm happy to see one of the guys in another show.


  • Oooops - forget the Musketeers is over - oh well!
  • The one that interests me most is The Terror, as I enjoyed Dan Simmons' book (see my review here) - and as the recent discovery of the wrecks of both of Franklin's ships adds a fascinating historical note.
  • I, too, loved The Terror. It was one of the last books I read in physical form before my eyes got too pitiful to even manage large-print editions. I agree entirely with your review, and am now eager to see this show. Preferably in the summer, or when it's hot. (I like to read about cold things in the summer, and hot places in the winter.)
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    I'm looking forward to Big Little Lies. I've read the book, which I enjoyed for what it was, though I get the impression they have taken some plot point liberties and not in all good ways.  But mostly because I was in Monterey last year and happened upon some of the filming and watched, so I'm excited to see if any of it made it to the actual show. 
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