Self Care Friday's

It's really stressful in the world theses days. I fear it's getting to many of us. Earlier this week I had posted in the Grumpy thread that I was taken a social media break today as an act of self care.  My plans were 

Candy crush
Previously TV HTGAWM forums
Live tweet of Emerald City

Other than my email, that's all the social media I will be checking. No news sites or blogs. I have errands to run and I need to rehang a curtain in the bathroom and do laundry.

I have to say I mostly stuck to my plan. (I did watch a Rachael Maddow video) but other wise I stayed news free. It was fun and relaxing. I went to the gym, went out to breakfast, ran errand and then went and got a manicure.

I was thinking maybe we could check in here at least once a week and maybe share ideas on ways to practice self care. It could be going offline for a day or 2 or doing something you like for your self or others. I know another blogger started a list for networking/jobseeking. I've read of another blogger helping people negotiate and/or utilize MH and therapy services on their insurance plans.

So what you, my fellow BK's? What are you doing to practice self care?


  • I went to Big Lots after work to get toilet paper and handsoap and I saw the cutest little elephant earrings for $3 so I treated myself.

    Came home and had lunch and a nap and I've spent the evening reading, having dinner, doing the dishes and cleaning while playing Rugrats on Hulu.

    Tomorrow I'm going to open all the windows and doors and get the apartment properly clean and watch Gilligan's Island.

    Other than that I *have* to work or I'll get way too behind in everything, which sucks, but that's life I guess.  And if my mind is occupied with work I won't be thinking about the world so that's a positive.
  • OH I just remembered - if you're on twitter search the hashtag #cuteanimaltweetoff

    One zoo posted a picture of their cute little seal or something, and another zoo one-upped them with something else, and suddenly all the zoos on twitter were posting their very cutest baby animal pictures.  It's an incredible hashtag to cheer yourself up with.
  • Sounds great. I'll check that out tomorrow.
  • OH I just remembered - if you're on twitter search the hashtag #cuteanimaltweetoff

    One zoo posted a picture of their cute little seal or something, and another zoo one-upped them with something else, and suddenly all the zoos on twitter were posting their very cutest baby animal pictures.  It's an incredible hashtag to cheer yourself up with.
    On Twitter I like emergency kittens for pure cuteness
  • OH I just remembered - if you're on twitter search the hashtag #cuteanimaltweetoff

    One zoo posted a picture of their cute little seal or something, and another zoo one-upped them with something else, and suddenly all the zoos on twitter were posting their very cutest baby animal pictures.  It's an incredible hashtag to cheer yourself up with.
    On Twitter I like emergency kittens for pure cuteness
    Emergency kittens sounds like something we're all going to need.
  • Websites and pages are great but I'd like to encourage everyone to take entire days away from social media or find projects to do instead of constantly absorbing all the awfulness with are being bombarded with on a daily basis. 

    There's a fine line between being aware and being needing to shield ourselves. 
  • I downloaded the Calm app and take 10-15 min out of my day to meditate now. I just use the free version and it's pretty good. I also bought a polaroid instant digital camera to take fun pics and hang them up on a wall. Trying to stay positive.

    I visit Zooborns daily for a quick cheer me up. Nothing better than baby animals :)
  • I planned to take Friday off social media, but I'm ashamed to say I found it literally impossible. I don't know when I became so obsessed with these things, but it was a wake up call. I downloaded an app blocker for my phone to try to help me break the habit. 
  • The best advice I can give is to allocate at least 2 social media apps to just fun shit.  Snap Chat and Instagram are that for me.  Twitter and FB are my information sites and I pretty well avoided those feeds Friday. 
  • That's a good idea @TravelingDesign! I actually already have Insta & Tumblr as mostly-non-political safe zones, so maybe I'll try to limit myself to those places rather than placing a ban on all social media (at least to start)
  • I had to actively plan alternatives that would keep me too busy. Even then I slipped and listened to a Rachel Maddow video. This week I think I'll just open my phone to TLo & refresh onky that page. If I don't have to scroll, I won't be tempted to get sucked in.
  • This is a great thread! Thank you for creating it. I decided today to limit my news watching to one hour a day.  I work in global health so I get the news all day anyway. 

    Other things I'm doing include:
    • watching bollywood movies--I watched Piku on inauguration day, highly recommend it
    • reading--my goal is to read 50 books this year and I was inspired by the NYTimes interview with Obama on books he has read
    • working out daily, whatever it is, i'm just moving my body
    • listening to fewer podcasts because i'm a political junkie and choosing to listen to more music 
    • talking with my friends and family
    • no longer checking social media when I wake up first thing in the morning, it really made a difference.
    Also, I don't post regularly like other BKs but I really do love the community that was created here. I appreciate all of you. 
  • I've been re-watching The West Wing. I've also been trying to stay off social media at work, although it's tough because that is actually part of my job description. I just really limit myself. 

    I found a nice, 8 hour YouTube video of a cat purring and I listen to that instead of the BBC World Service when I'm sleeping. Very relaxing. 

    I've been knitting like a demon. I knit and watch something on Netflix or Amazon. I try to stay away from Twitter and FB when I'm at home, but it sucks me in. I think taking a total SM break one weekend day is a good idea. 

  • Twitter and Facebook are horrible right now.  I have the hardest time going online now...there's so little about art or sports or science or food. 
  • I really love this idea @Milaxx ! I know it's only Tuesday but for me a little bit everyday helps. My husband just went back on the road this morning after traveling very little through the holidays. I love having the house to myself again. Today I deep cleaned our bedroom and bathroom and opened the windows to let in some fresh air. 

    I agree on the social media blackout. I keep Instagram to foster kittens, Bernese Mt. Dogs, hiking and yoga/crystal accounts. I am so close to leaving FB all together except that we recently moved and FB is the main way I keep in touch with all my old friends. I've blocked a few people and learned to just scroll quickly past those I can't block (my Dad!) and not engage with those who I know there is no point.  
  • @Beth if your dad is sharing or re-posting things you can usually choose to block the source material directly.  Then you can still see his other updates  but the terribly offensive stuff will be filtered.

    Otherwise, if he doesn't post *anything* but offensive stuff, you can always unfollow him.  You'll still be friends, and he can see your stuff and comment, but you won't see his posts unless you go directly to his feed 
  • @JealousOfBelle when I said blocked I really meant unfollowed. I forgot about directly blocking certain websites/source material that's a good idea. Mostly he's been posting stupid stuff that is a direct dig at me and my sister and our politics. For the most part I ignore it but sometimes it is so ignorant and off-base I'm embarrassed for him. Or it is satirical and he takes it literally. Unfortunately he never posts any personal updates anymore and since he got a new computer my Mom no longer knows how to log in (they share an account, of course) so she no longer comments nice things on our pages or photos. He's just turning into an angry old troll and it breaks my heart. 

    I have a short list of people I have unfollowed and then have to remember to revisit their feed before I see them so I know what's been happening in their life. 
  • @Beth do we have the same dad?  Cause it sounds like we might have the same dad.
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    Great suggestions guys. I applied a filter to my facebook so I can check in with family and friends in the morning without an immediate onslaught negativity. I don't think your self-care day has to be on Friday's. I choose that because it works for me. 
    Another good diversion is binge watching. Put those Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime memberships to use.

    And then there are basic needs. I've seen this floating around on FB & Twitter but it bears repeating:
    • Take time for yourself
    • Eat regularly
    • Drink water
    • Take time away from social media
    • Surround yourself with positive people
    • Get sleep
    Also be prepared for an emergency. Make sure you have an up to date passport and valid ID.*
    Have a bug out bag. (In my car I also keep a blanket, socks, water and a few protein bars and nuts) Suggestions here, and here.

    Alaska, California,Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Washington state, 
    Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    I've recommitted to getting to the gym 4 days a week and both increasing my water intake and decreasing my coffee intake. I noticed I was drinking more coffee lately and it's starting to impact my already erratic sleeping habits.

    This Friday I plan to hit the gym, go food shopping then binge watch a series on Netflix. I'll check in with TLo & Fuggirls as usual, but that's it.
  • I've been lurking, but rarely posting for a while now. Nothing against all of the terrific BKs, but it's also part of my self care, I was spending way too much time on both sites and losing productivity in my real life. But I just had to weigh in on this thread, as it is such an excellent idea in these fraught times. 

    I have stayed off facebook entirely for the full month of January now, it's getting easier. I didn't have that many folks to block the negativity from, but I just tired of the constancy of any politically motivated comments, even with those I agreed.

    But today I followed through with my best idea for me yet I think. I travel to Pilates twice a week, and because it's a 45 minute drive each way (I have an awesome instructor, so it is worth the extra time), I needed something more stimulating than NPR and various music stations, they were getting stale and too much repetitiveness. Stopped at a local branch of the library and checked out three books on CDs for listening while driving. I deliberately chose some that I might not ordinarily read in book form, to expand my universe. I think it will be a very positive change.

    @Milaxx Great ideas in your list. I need to follow the increased water and decreased coffee too. And I'm stopping way too often at a now favorite muffin place. Kind of counterproductive to eat muffins and workout in the same trip, you know? ;-) But dang, they are so tasty, and have so many flavors to choose from!
  • @Milaxx - California ID's won't be valid??  After all that shit I went through getting vetted by those assholes when I lived out there and needed a new DL???

    Goddamn.  Even Texas was less of a PITA and I hear they look at you every bit as closely.

    I've found a way to fill my need to stay informed without wanting to jump off a bridge - I've programmed my Amazon Echo to only give me a British newscast (BBC World News) and the only news I watch on tv is from my Tagesschau (Daily News) app.  I need to re-learn German, because THEY actually are still funding archaeology work!!!  I had some English companies interested in me last spring, but with Brexit, that's up the spout.  Blah.

    Of course, the news is still all about Trump and Brexit.  But at least there are nice accents and with the Tagesschau I'm practicing my German.  I hear there are some German films on Youtube too, I should watch them.  I adore Das Leben der Anderen (the only German film I own, unless you count Inglorious Basterds) and I can't watch it all the time because it's a heartbreaker.

    I have also been putting my Hulu usage into overdrive...lots of Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Sailor Moon, and Project Runway.
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  • Anna_P said:

    I saw that a while back. I t makes me smile every time.
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    UGH! Looks like I'm gonna need to check out of social media today.  As a former educator my heart is breaking. I'm off to go shopping and tonight I'm seeing John Wick 2.

    How's everyone else doing?
  • Trying to not obsessively refresh FB and Twitter, but my workload is really light right now, so it's difficult to find other sites to go to. I have trivia tonight, though, so that's one nice thing. 
  • I just can't look at the news anymore. Ugh, how can this be real?

    I keep meditating daily and started running again. Running out in the woods keeps my hope up. Thinking of taking up boxing...
  • I go for a walk every day to keep myself sane.

    And I'm working on keeping myself entertained in the kitchen, although that's lead to weight gain so now I have to adjust that.  Said as I'm busy making lasagna from scratch for dinner.
  • Today I went to the gym and then upgraded the stray kitty shelter in anticipation of the impending snowstorm. There's a pregnant mama cat, I want to catch and take to either ACCTS or the SPCA. I'l pay for her to get fixed.  They do a catch and release for grown strays if you pay and send the kittens to the SPCA for adoption. Our local SPCA is no kill. 
  • I joined a Pilates Reformer Class. I love it and feel as though it is the source of good energy.

  • MiamiGal said:
    I joined a Pilates Reformer Class. I love it and feel as though it is the source of good energy.

    I agree! I have been doing pilates for over a year now, twice a week, and sing its praises to everyone I know. It is truly the best thing I've ever done for myself. A great way to kick aging and arthritis in the butt!
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