Two New Body Image Documentaries

I originally posted this in Fashion and Beauty, but thought I'd post it here as well. These are definitely worth watching if you've ever had negative thoughts about your body - which is probably 99% of us!

I recently watched two great body image documentaries. Personally I think it's important for us all to realize that we need to appreciate ourselves for who we are, not constantly comparing ourselves to what the magazines and fashion industry tell us we should look like. If you're interested in exploring this, these are some good ones to watch. They are:


It's more of a personal journey story, and talks about body positivity and some inspiring people who are working on it all over the world.  I loved it and it really helped me think about my own situation. It's on Netflix.


This focuses more on the fashion industry and its incredibly narrow vision of beauty. I loved this one too. I watched this on They're currently offering a free 30 day trial ( had to google it for a link), and I joined so I could watch the doc.

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