So, I might be mildly crazy, but in my family the month of October IS Halloween. One of my favorite accessories was (before they got lost) a pair of tiny straw broomsticks I found at Michael's and attached to earring hooks so I could wear them in my ears.

I also have a couple bright orange shirts (one with a beautiful gilded owl on it, the other stating that I'm a Candy Collection Supervisor), shirts with black cats, tiny glow-in-the-dark ghost earrings and a set of earrings/necklace charm that are solid silver witches flying on brooms.  Plus, if I bother with makeup, I go for bigger cats-eyes, gold glitter, and pumpkin-colored pedicures.

This weekend I went to Jo-Anns and bought a couple Halloween fabrics too.  I got a black two-way-stretch mesh with silver sequin spiderwebs that I'm turning into an overshirt (short sleeves, to wear over a tank top because it's REALLY hot in Florida right now).  I also got a lovely black sheer chiffon with a pattern of opaque black witches on broomsticks (surrounded by bats) that I'm going to turn into an overdress.  I'll make the underdress of silver or gray satin/poplin/something that takes structure, and it'll be a beautiful dress to wear out at night or even to an office job if I get a job at a chill enough office.

Do you guys do a "month" of Halloweenwear?  What kind of things do you wear? 
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