Hot roller hair curling set - recommendations?

Hallo kittens. So I've become obsessed with finding a hot roller set lately in order to go all retro, Marilyn Monroe/pinup for my look, but am really confused by there being no clear winner for brands here. I like the Paul Mitchell approach but don't know if it's worth the expense. Reviews on Amazon and various online retro forums seem to point to about a 3/5 for ALL brands, so brands like Conair (whom I'd normally trust for hair) say that they regret buying them or they don't work. I have a thick bob cut with waves and layers and am interested in people's recommendations for brands to try. Preference is to find a hot roller set that heats up (set my hair for 20 minutes in the morning and go) rather than trying non-tech solutions (although I've tried everything from sleeping with silver pins to various leave in curly roller sets - heck, if someone's grandma has a tried and true method, I'm down to try it). Thanks for any help.
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