Is this Royal Wedding going to happen?? Should it?

So much drama at the 11th hour! I am kind of surprised that any family nonsense wasn't successfully squashed way before now. I hope Harry and Meghan have a happy life together forever. But wow - compared to William & Kate..... this has got to be kind of nuts for the royal sensibilities. (Could be good for them.. who knows!)


  • It does seem a bit crazy. I don't know anything about Meghan Markle's family or what kind of relationship she has with either of her parents.

    I still plan on watching it. I was pleased to find out it's going to be streamed on a time delay on Britbox.
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    Thank you for starting this thread!!! I have so many anxieties and nowhere to share them.

    What is up with Meghan's Markle Side of her family?! I mean they are just doing everything to ruin this for her. The evil half-siblings besmirching her character and the distant in-laws heading over to London with their 13 suitcases to provide "commentary" for British TV.

    And her FATHER? Why can't he pull it together?

    I'm sorry but to suffer this kind of public humiliation in front of people as staid as the British. If it were France or would be dramatic and fun. If it were here we'd just cover it like reality tv -- an episode of Bridezilla or the Kardashians. OMG. I'm just so sad for her. This is unacceptably messy.

    As @HomeOfficeGirl said, this madness should have been dealt with by "The Firm" months ago.

    OK. That's it. Thank you for letting me share.
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    @MaimiGal - yes and yes. (Some of) her family seem like the worst kind of opportunists. The rest - just too stupid to be in this mix at all. I am happy that it seems Harry will get the chance to marry his love anyway.
    (Honestly, I thought that if "the royal they" could not quash the family, they'd scuttle the marriage. I just can't see the royals putting up with this kind of nonsense AT ALL.)
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching the wedding. I think Meghan is lovely and Harry is just the best - I wish them both nothing but happiness. I love the "new royals" - Harry & Megs paired up with Will and Kate doing good deeds all over the world.
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    @HomeOfficeGirl == What do you think the Queen is saying? One good thing about the messes that were the Charles/Camilla & Andrew/Fergie debacles is that we are all a bit used to public chaos around the weddings.
    But this is on another level.

    I can’t wait to see her dress. And I can’t wait to see Harry’s face when she walks in. In the meantime, I’m just hoping this noise will settle down.

    PS: I agree about the “Fab Four.” They look like fun. I agree with you, they will do great things together.
  • And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!
  • @MiamiGal - Yes!! The whole thing was delicious, wasn't it?
    It was a beautiful day. The people & fashion watching was superb. The mood was truly happy and celebratory. The ceremony was reverent and provocative. I caught myself watching the reruns - can't help it!
    The bride and groom both looked stunning! I loved Meghan's dress. But, then did you see the evening one? Amazeballs!
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