Dumplin' on Netflix

Watched last night and loved it!! So fun... so heartwarming!! Danielle McDonald, who plays the main character Willowdean, is absolutely fantastic. Jennifer Aniston is perfectly cast as her mom - a pagent queen from back in the day. The message, the friendships, the empowerment, the love... an instant classic IMO. Any other kittens check it out yet??


  • I watched this last week and loved it. I am always leery of movies and shows featuring fat gals, This one hit just the right notes for me.
  • But wow, what a pair I chose...I watched To The Bone (a (wonderful) movie about anorexia (really hit home) followed by an utter charmer about fat acceptance :)

    and Drag Queens are magical...amiright?

    (how did the queen LIVE in a tiny town and not get the sh&t beat out of him I kept wondering...)
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