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  • @AlisonHendryx to be honest I don't remember her smell. I mainly remember her completely poreless skin and my own total paralysis.
  • @AlisonHendryx I love your impression of Nigella. As I was reading it, I thought, "Yes, that must be exactly what she smells like." 

    I am SHOCKED about Annie.

    (Just kidding.)
  • I used to attend Science Fiction Conventions and one year artist Michael Whelan was a guest of honor.  He's a Hugo award winning artist and also created Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell album covers for a reference for those who have no idea who he is. 
    I've always been a huge fan of his work. 

    I was at the Artist Reception for the Con that night and he was there with his work. I introduced myself to him and told him how I wanted to recreate on of his book covers as a costume.  The original piece that I wanted to recreate was there at the show too.  He took time to talk to me about his works and inspirations; at one point, author Esther Friesner, interrupted us to talk to Mr. Whelan and he told her that he will speak with he later because he was having a conversation with Me..  

    He was incredibly kind, gracious and generous with his time.  I have several of his pieces of art in my home that he's personalized for me, these pieces are very precious to me. 
  • @AlisonHendryx that is hilarious!  Exactly how I would have envisioned "Annie" would be as a college student.  Hahaha!  Hate list has now been rationalized.  

    I went to college with Ever Carradine (not quite as famous).  She lived in my dorm.  In college she could get any guy she wanted based solely on the fact that she was Robert Carradine's daughter.  (At least that was my perception as someone who most definitely could not get any guy she wanted).  

    Ever did not play herself as the brightest lightbulb.  One night she was hanging out in the hallway with one of her many man-followers.  While they were talking, he says in response to something, "Whatever!"  ... and her response?  "Oh my God!  How did you know my name?"

    My husband and I still joke about this.  
  • I just noticed a sign in the lobby of my apartment building pointing out some road closures because Suits is apparently going to be filming in my neighbourhood. I hope I see Gina Torres on my way to the bus stop on Monday morning or something.

    I got my hair trimmed and colour touched up today. I've been going to my hair stylist's home for years now. She started a side business doing hair at home when she was pregnant with her first baby and about to go on mat leave from her salon job, and did hair mostly at home for the past few years while her boys were young. Now that they're older, she's back in a salon.

    Anyway, I was supposed to go to her house this afternoon as per usual when she called me and asked if I'd mind going to the salon instead. She was supposed to be doing "some actress's" hair, but this actress was like 3 hours late, so she was running late. Since the salon was actually closer to where I live, it made more sense for me to go there. I get there expecting some Canadian actress from a program on the CBC or something and it turns out to be Francesca Eastwood in town filming the Heroes Reborn miniseries (they're continuing Heroes, who knew?).

    She appeared to be on her own and seemed nice enough (I was judging her on how she treated the staff). But if she hadn't been pointed out to me, I never would've known that she is Clint Eastwood's daughter. The salon owner cracked me up after she left when he snarked, "I would've told her, 'Girl, get the fuck out of bed on time! You're not THAT famous!'" I later learned that the appointment was originally supposed to be on Friday afternoon, which got bumped to 11 am this morning, which she was then 3 hours late for because she "slept in."

    Gotta love entitlement.
  • I met Dave Barry at a book signing once.  He was very nice and funny. 

    I saw Geraldo Rivera walking his dogs once one time when I was leaving school.  I was so distracted by the cute dogs though that I didn't even realize it was him until I heard some other people talking about it the next day.  Haha. 

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    I love all these stories!

    I met then-Governor Jimmy Carter in the summer of '74 at a reception honoring woman suffrage at the governor's mansion in Atlanta.  

    I was staffing an Impeach Nixon table in front of the main library on the UGA campus in the spring or early summer of '74 and former Secretary of State Dean Rusk stopped by.  He was teaching at the UGA law school and he said he remembered when some people wanted to impeach him.  His high crime and misdemeanor?  His daughter had married a black man.

    I met the actor Cameron Mitchell when he was filming a movie at Clemson University.  Mitchell starred in The High Chaparral on TV in the 60s, but I know him best as the love interest of Lauren Bacall's Schatze in How to Marry a Millionaire.

    Last October, I was front row center at a Herb Alpert concert in Hartford.  Now, I didn't get to meet Herb or Lani (I think I would have fainted dead away!), but I was so very close to them. It's like they were looking right at me the entire concert.

    ETA two more minor brushes with "greatness": I met John Edwards at a campaign event before the South Carolina primary in 2008.  I am not ashamed that I supported Edwards. He seemed to be the only candidate talking about poverty.  I also saw a meteorologist from The Weather Channel at the Atlanta airport's baggage claim some years ago.  It was Rich Johnson who IIRC is no longer at TWC.

    And one more that I meant to add:  I took Anthropology 405 -Cultural Anthropology- in the spring of '74 which was my frosh year.  I saw at the front near another anthro major and a senior guy who had white-blond hair and a great sense of humor, His name was Fred Newman and he was the president of the UGA chapter of Sigma Chi. A few years later, I happened to be watching David Letterman's morning program on NBC and who did I see but my old friend Fred Newman.  He had written a book about how to make sounds of all kinds of things with your mouth, Mouthsounds.  In the years since, Fred has been a frequent guest on A Prairie Home Companion. 

  • @Munchkin I love Fred Newman!

    I (used to) go to a lot of concerts and things and so I think all of my celebrity encounters have been at shows. The first two attempts at getting autographs were met with pen malfunctions, so after that I would ask for hugs. I won't bore everyone with a list, just think '90s+ college rock. I've only gotten one "no"- Imaad Wasif from Folk Implosion. Whatever, jerk. I was so intimidated, that I didn't go up to his bandmate, the badass Lou Barlow, who I ADORED. :-/
    One of my favorite hugs was David Cross after a Mr. Show comedy thing. He told me, "I hope I don't find your hug collection on eBay". Brian Posehn was very nice and very sweaty. Bob Odenkirk seemed a bit douchey to some other fans, so I didn't talk to him.

    But better than a hug, and one of my favorite celeb encounters was meeting a musician most people haven't heard of. My BF at the time was friends with a guy who somehow sort of knew Money Mark, the keyboard player from Beastie Boys, and an AMAZING musician in his own right. We spoke to him after a show, and he remembered the guy and put us all "on the list" for his next gig. After THAT show, we all hung out in the parking lot and shared a cigarette* with him.

    *actually, something other than a cigarette
  • Back in the mid 90s my sole celeb encounter was Dennis Miller in a Chinese restaurant in Santa Barbara. I was waiting for my husband to come out of the restroom and Mr. Miller strolled through the lobby on his way to be seated. I got a (very) slight smile and a nod. This was after his Saturday Night Live years when he had his own HBO show, and was probably at the height of his fame. 

    Oh, at the Burbank Airport I got to sit next to the guy who played the sidekick on Tim Allen's Home Improvement show, Richard somebody. I suppose that counts. And I got to see Lyndon Johnson's ear once. He was in a motorcade leaving March Air Force base where he'd landed for a visit to Southern CA. 
  • Hard to miss that ear.  ;-)
  • I used to be really involved at Make-a-Wish fundraisers, and some of them were celebrity golf tournaments or other events where we might see some really cool people. Often, wish kids or former wish kids were invited to participate, usually at lunches. I met a lot of people that way. Bode Miller ended up being one of the nicest (which kind of surprised me at the time, since he usually seems stand-offish in interviews). He ended up talking to my mom and I for ages. 

    Worst celebrity though was Joe Pesci. He refused to come in and see the wish kids (who mostly wanted to see him based on the Home Alone movies, haha). When the Make-a-Wish volunteers finally got him in the door, it was way after the lunch was over and most of the wish kids had left, but he did sign my program -- "God is a goodfella." Asshole. 
  • @Shelby that story about Joe Pesci horrifies me. How rude. 
  • Not my story but I think it's a very cool one. My dad grew up living right across the street from June Carter. She was a few years older than him and used to babysit him. She gave him a few of her story books and things from when she was small. In my attic I have a couple of children's books from the late 30's or early 40's with June Carter printed in the front very neatly. Of course she went on to become June Carter Cash.
  • I'm really loving these stories.  These are way more interesting than any of my "I saw so&so" tales that happen living in Los Angeles.  Mostly because I'm not terribly thrilled with celebrity.  You can thank I Love Lucy for my aversion to celebrity worship.

    I guess the one funny story I have is from meeting 30STM once at the This Is War signing back in 2010.  The first press cover was faces of fans and I picked this one girl because I loved her haircut.  Tomo and Shannon obligingly signed inside pages without any prompting, but when I got to Jared, he was talking to this mom and her two kids who drove down from Santa Barbara to meet him, and I was concerned he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing so I said "Don't sign her face!  Sign the back."  Except I suppose I kinda barked it at him.  He was like "Yeah ok, can I keep it for a second? I want a picture of this cover."  So then his people took my booklet for a picture somewhere in the back and I waited off to the side while this mom monopolized his attention for at least three more fans.  It's a sign of how gracious he is that he carried on the conversation with this lady while still trying to interact with the people going through the line.  Her kids couldn't get a word in edgewise though.
  • @Glam_Dixie  Wow, what a great story! You have a precious treasure there in those books. Quite a family heirloom!
  • Edinburgh in Festival time is a great place to run into all sorts of minor to major celebrities wandering the streets and seeing shows. As are commuter flights. 

    Have run into a number of British celebs at airports and during the festival. I can say that Edd China is as tall as he looks, Susan Boyle is a nervous flyer and Gordon Brown was very good at avoiding queues (as you'd expect for a former PM). Tilda Swinton looks very striking when you see her in person, too. 

    I've spoken to a few really well known folk on the phone for work years ago - likes of Diana Rigg, Noel Gallagher, Phyllida Law. 
  • Sooo, I lived in South Beach in the late 80s/early 90s. As you may know, many of the hotels have restaurants on the bottom floor of hotels. So the one I worked in was owned by a HUGE cokehead (not really part of the story, but still).

    Mickey Rourke was in town shooting something, this was pre-face surgery, but during his slide into uber-douchery. He'd come into the rest. often enough, but also liked to order room service (which wasn't really available!). He was dating Carre Otis & we went to deliver food to them one night, very late, and he had clearly beat the shit out of her. She couldn't even go out in public, her face was so f'd up. So there's him.

    Prior to this time, I worked in the Boca Bennigan's (yes) and always waited on Judge Reinhold. Huge douche. 

    Right before I left SoBe, I got this SWEET job doing banquets on Fisher Island, making BANK for very little work. We did parties for lots of people, but the coolest was a boat christening for the King of Spain. Arnold S & Maria S were also there, looking at condos one day.

    I was at the Final Four in ATL in... 2008? and got my picture with Mike Boogie (whoever from Big Brother). I didn't watch the show, but my mom & step-dad did. They almost died. Whatever. GO  GATORS!!!

    Coolest one: went to a book signing & got a book for my mama signed by... JC. Jimmy Carter that is. Mid-90s. I wanted to shake his hand but the SS said 'uh no.'

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    David Morse lives in Philly, and for a while, I was tripping over him everywhere.  Even Mr. Mukluks got used to seeing him.  

    I met Anthony Edwards, once.  But to tell you that story, I have to tell you this story: 

    I was an ER junkie.  I watched it in reruns so many times that I can quote entire episodes from heart.  Whenever I need a really good cry, I put on Mark Greene's death scene and bawl my eyes out.  All I need to hear is the opening chords of Iz Kamasawiwo'ole's version of Over the Rainbow, and I start tearing up.  

    Many years ago, I had a boss who lived in the same building as Mark Anthony in NYC.  I was leaving her place one day and got in the elevator.  It went down one floor and stopped and Mark Anthony got on.  

    Now, it just so happened that I'd watched the episode where Mark dies the night before and I was in a delicate condition.  He stepped in that elevator and I LOST IT.  I started blubbering and crying and trying to talk.  I was trying to say that I'd just "watched Mark die last night, and I'm sorry, it's just so emotional for me to see you here, alive" but I know it came out as "I buh-buh-buh-buh Mark diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeddddddd Oh My God love him so much so glad your aliiiiiiiiiiiiive buh-buh-buh Over the Rainbow buh-buh-buh balloooooooooon".  I mean, there was SNOT running down my face.  He was very kind and sort of patted my shoulder and said "Thank you" and got away from me as fast as he could when we reached the lobby.  

    ETA:  How could I forget this one?  Remember that show Fear Factor?  I was flying to London once, and Joe Rogan and the entire crew was on the flight.  That was wild.  Joe sat across the aisle from me and he was drunk or high (or drunk and high) the entire flight.  The crew were pretty much in the same condition.  There were a lot of mile-high shenanigans going on.

  • @FancyMukluks
    I was an ER junkie.  I watched it in reruns so many times that I can quote entire episodes from heart.  Whenever I need a really good cry, I put on Mark Greene's death scene and bawl my eyes out.  All I need to hear is the opening chords of Iz Kamasawiwo'ole's version of Over the Rainbow, and I start tearing up.  

    Oh, man, that scene has always done that to me too. Your story of meeting Anthony is priceless. And I totally believe that version of Over the Rainbow is the most beautiful version ever. When in Hawaii once, I bought a CD of Iz's just for that song; the entire album turned out to be just as beautiful. What an incredible voice!
  • My first forum comment. Howdy Kittens! I'm generally a wallflower around here, but these two are worth a tell:

    I live in NYC and often see famous folk. No big whoop. But one cold day a few years ago, I'm in midtown and I'm crossing Park Avenue around noon. I see a schlubtastic guy across the street wearing the classic man's temp uniform (chinos, blue shirt) and judge him for boring fashion (cuz I'm kind of a jerk?). Then I walk into the crosswalk as a trucker pulls up to the curb and opens his door, and a bike messenger rams into the open door and falls, and now lies in the street by his bike. I stop to see if I can help, and the temp now passes and says to me, "I really like your mittens!" It was Zach Galifianakis. I didn't realize it till a bit later because at that moment I was totally focused on the health of the cyclist, so I ignored the temp. I laughed for the rest of my lunchtime walk. The cyclist was okay. Galifianakis was on his way to Letterman. My mittens really were awesome.

    #2 happened when I first moved to NYC and worked at a Barnes & Noble. Ron Jeremy, the porn actor, asked for, and received, my advice on some children's books to give as gifts. I had no idea who he was but all my coworkers sure did! He was very nice and soft-spoken.

    Bonus: I loved the sitcom "Mr. Belvedere" as a kid. I met the butler, Christopher Hewett, when I babysat for a relative of his (who he was visiting) in my hometown, when I was thirteen or fourteen or so. He was drunk in the pool and insisted I let him hold the baby. I did, very reluctantly, and he dropped the baby into the pool. I rescued the baby and was blamed for the 'accident'. Later, he offered - in lieu of a tip - a signed photograph. I demurred. Because of his and his family's disgusting behavior, I have a very healthy disrespect for people in positions of power until they demonstrate some degree of competency and humanity. Like Ron Jeremy, for example :)

    Thanks all for your stories! They are wonderful.

  • @Daisy_Gamble ;  Great stories!  Welcome to the BKs.
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    @Daisy_Gamble, nice to meet you! Excellent stories.

    @FancyMukluks, I love that Anthony Edwards story! I can totally see myself doing the same thing.

    I was all set to tell one of my stories and then realized that I already did, waaaay back on the first page of this thread. Which must have been a very long time ago in the early days of the forum.
  • @FancyMukluks thank you for the laugh!!! Poor Mark Anthony probably actually remembers that fan encounter with a bit of a shudder :D
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    Celebrities are few and far between in Berkeley, so this was disproportionately exciting: I just ran in to Carl Lumbly at the grocery store.

    The checkout clerk had a lively conversation with him about Zoo, which he said he hasn't actually watched (even though he is on it). We all discussed watching it On Demand. He was very nice. I didn't realize he lived in my neighborhood. Also, I recognized him right away, but was sure I was wrong because he looks so young. I have always had a thing for his voice, and he sounds the same in person.
  • Yes, @firebirdsinger he was! I loved him on Alias, too. He turns up in a lot of things, but I sure wouldn't have expected him to turn up in the grocery store! I was very excited, but no one at home knew who I was talking about. Thank god for Bitter Kittens!
  • This doesn't quite count but...

    I worked at the largest independent bookstore in the Southeast. There was a short gentleman sitting on the bench reading (near the porn section). 

    Thought he looked familiar... Finally realized he was the back cover (clothed) model of a (wonderful, now long gone (R.I.P.) porn magazine called Chiron Rising. (for older gay men and their admirers).

    Sexy little guy (in the pic he looked much taller, I think he was maybe 5'4"??) I am 6'5"..

    I finally got up the nerve to speak to him... a very nice man.
  • just dawned on me- largest independent book store = celebrity encounter stories (from awhile back)....

    Remember Judith Martin aka Miss Manners?

    (her picture was a 'few' pounds ago (snort).

    She came for a signing....big hullabaloo. I kept hearing Judith Martin being pages, thought nothing of it. Walked by receiving...the guy there whispered.."SIT! NOW! WATCH!!! This is *AWESOME*!!!!"

    so...the Drama unspooled... it seems Ms Martin (remember, dark ages) had shown up with her limo and driver. It seems the 'driver' (now no longer employed) had *instead* of sitting with the car (as is his place, you know- you simply can NOT get good help dear readers), decided to go peruse the pornographic literature (we had an amazing store, the porn section was very 'good' (and you could see who was in it, as the shelves were about waist high).

    Anyhow Gentle Readers, it seems some scallowag (sp?) came along, found Ms Manners limo unattended (the horror) and TOOK her furr coat, and bag- which contained her intenerary- with her travelers checques AND airline tickets for the rest of her 'tour' (perhaps Ms Manners was on her way to the airport and had everything with her? perhaps the limo had no door locks (oh, the thief crawled thru the drivers front to do his thievery).

    The sheer JOY in all this was the 'split face' of Ms Manners- once behind closed doors she turned into a real....what the word dear readers? Bitch? Hussy?

    So my coworker and I kept writing a letter out loud..

    "Dear Ms Manners.....my now relieved of his duties chauffeur allowed my furrs to be lifted....is it allowable to knee him in the 'nards?"

    (she was SEETHING it was hysterical, but if she had to go back out it was all sweetness and kisses! loved her (I think she was a minor gay icon? anyone remember her?
  • KarenFK said:
    Yes, @firebirdsinger he was! I loved him on Alias, too. He turns up in a lot of things, but I sure wouldn't have expected him to turn up in the grocery store! I was very excited, but no one at home knew who I was talking about. Thank god for Bitter Kittens!
    He lives in Berkeley?  I loved Dixon too!
  • So, last night I was dancing in a show at a venue above a cinema. I asked a friend a question about transport to the venue and he asked me if I was going to Queen of Earth. He said Elisabeth Moss has his heart so he was going to that instead of coming to my show. Which was slightly disgruntling that someone would rather see a movie than watch me dance.

    I didn't realise he meant that she was actually going to be at the screening as part of the London Film Festival.

    Anyway, when I arrived for the gig, she was just arriving too.

    And my friend was sick in bed so I saw her and he didn't.
  • So my daughter and I spent Sunday night at the famous Hay-Adams hotel (reduced group rates) for a group swearing in ceremonty for lawyers to be sworn in to the Supreme Court of the United States. We're riding down in the elevator and it stops to let in this woman dressed all in gray with the most glorious grey porn coat who had to be rich by the sheer designer quality of her clothes. We said "hello" and she gave us her best Meryl Sheen "you are peons" look from 
    "The Devil Wears Prada" no doubt occasioned by her best Department store quality outfits in size 16 we wore appear before the Supreme Court - though she did have a "Coach" purse.

    I find out when I get downstairs that it was Carolina Herrera, who according to the news had an event honoring her at the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian. FWIW it is fashionable to dress in gray from head to foot, from the gray wool coat, to grey tights and pointy grey shoes.

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