What is grumpy-ing you out today?

I have (severe) sleep apnea. I have a CPAP machine. I have no insurance. -you know where this is headed. My machine died 2 days ago... My bff has one, in his storage place. We have had some bad nasty weather and he works 2 jobs (the main job is 11-8 (help desk for a big hi-tech company). I am on day 3 and sleep deprivation is kicking in (am dreading going to 'sleep' tonight....I don't have a big recliner. I can't really bitch to him (HURRY! I need your old machine!) as tomorrow (saturday) he works the p/t job, 6-4. ugh.

I am hoping? by Sunday to have the machine...sleep deprivation stinks. I have such utter respect for folks with new borns right now.


  • Will Smith. I used to love him so much. I think Jada Jada'ed him all up and now he's insufferable and weird.
  • 12 inches of snow is grumpying me out today!  Ugh.  Enough already!
  • What ISN'T grumping me out is a better question.
    I've got a bajillion events and crap on my list next week, tons of travelling, and even though I delegated I'm so far behindf I'll never catch up.
  • The ruling on Tamir Rice. How the eff do you kill a child and then blame the family for letting him be a child!
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    I'm gathering the info for my late mother's 2014 tax return, the year in which she sold her house of 61 years. Today's task was to go through 60 years of receipts to see what could be claimed as an existing capital improvement to increase her tax basis in the house. Aaaaaahhkkk!  The woman saved everything.
  • My diet. I lost 7 lbs in 10 days when I gave up carbs and alcohol for Lent. I know I'm going to gain some of it back. It's not healthy to lose that much weight that fast. I cheated a little this weekend and now I'm terrified to get back on the scale. I was feeling good about where I am, about 7 lbs from goal. I looked cute in a dress I wore Friday.
    But now I know it won't last and I feel fat and gross. And defeated.

    Lord, I know this sounds like an eating disorder, but I promise it's not. I just don't want to lose my momentum. I've lost 16 lbs. total and it's taken forever. I'm so close and it feels so far away...
  • Oh, let's see. Bills piling up to the extent that I had to go sell some possessions my grandparents gave me so that I could pay them. Managed to break my water bottle at the gym. Mixed up my medication during the weekend. And I think I have a fever coming on.

    Aah, that feels better...
  • My knees. My left one is always an ongoing concern and I felt a twinge yesterday in the right one, and if my chiropractor confirms what I think it is, I will be even more grumpy. 
  • I'm from Boston. Public transportation. That is all.
  • Abnormal test results. Again :(
  • Teenagers. Specifically the one I gave birth to.

    @oscarandjeeves - I hope it's nothing serious.
  • Anna_P said:
    My knees. My left one is always an ongoing concern and I felt a twinge yesterday in the right one, and if my chiropractor confirms what I think it is, I will be even more grumpy. 
    That reminds me, my ortho wants me to get an xray of my right knee to figure out if it the ACL or arthritus. 
  • Abnormal test results. Again :(
    Hope it's not too bad.
  • @Spreecord @Milaxx Me too. Everyone keeps saying it will be fine but the process sure is starting to drag out. I do appreciate getting a chance to vent here and the characteristic BK kindness :]
  • @Milaxx, I can sympathize. I had ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee and pain tends to flair up in damp/rainy weather. Hope it's not serious and you get the treatment you need!
  • JocastaDeVilleneuve I empathise - had to sell everything that wasn't nailed down a couple of years ago and it sucks.

    oscarandjeeves sounds frustrating and worrying. Hope it all gets sorted quickly!
  • @Spreecord is it too late to get a refund on the teenager? There must be some sort of cooling off period.
  • Having to spend more time on the phone professionally than I'm comfortable with is making me very grumpy.
  • Anna_P said:
    @Milaxx, I can sympathize. I had ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee and pain tends to flair up in damp/rainy weather. Hope it's not serious and you get the treatment you need!
    Trying to avoid surgery if at all possible, but I'm now working out 5 - 6 days a week and I'm starting to feel it. I'm keeping it low impact per doctor's orders so I'll just get the xrays and see where we go from there.
  • @oscarandjeeves -- forgive me for prying (and feel free to tell me to go to hell), but are they pap results? If so, it may be a small comfort to know I once had 3 abnormals in a 6 month span and everything was fine.
  • Got some client feedback over the weekend that meant I had to start the project from scratch today, and I don't yet fully understand what it is the client wants. That would be enough, but now I ALSO have to give a ten minute presentation this morning advocating for the new content and structure...even though I don't really know what the hell it is I'm doing yet.

    Also--enough with the winter already? Will there ever be sunlight and/or warmth again?

    Thanks for letting me vent, BKs! 
  • @Spreecord I don't mind - you are spot on. I (cannot believe I am admitting this, but) do have HPV, so it's a little more scary that it still hasn't cleared (this is 6 months after the first abnormal). On the other hand, my doctor can honestly be described as being "Whatevs!" so there is also that. 

    You never have to apologize for prying (at least with me); I am the nosiest person alive. People are just so interesting!!
  • @oscarandjeeves I hope your next pap is clear!

    Today I'm grumpy because my 3 year old has croup. Sigh.
  • @Spreecord Thank you! You're a sweetheart :]
  • @largishbearishAtlish ; Have you ever tried the Aveo-TSD?  It's a simple device, around $200, and I have a couple of friends who have been able to get off their CPAPs by using it.  Of course, it may not work for you, but might be worth a try!
  • My job. I work at a small non-profit where I have been for 11 years. Last February, our President & CEO retired. At one point I was the ONLY person here, and have never felt valued since then. It has been the most stressful year, and even though we have a new President, I don't feel like things have changed for the better so am in the process of starting to hunt for something new. Our directors seem like a bunch of fekkin eejits, I feel like I don't know what I want to do with my life, grappling with finding another Career - Capital C - or just a job that I enjoy that pays the bills, offers me flexibility, and allows me time off to work at my kids' school parties now and then. Is this what a mid-life crisis feels like?
  • Trying to keep this cold at bay. Career indecision. Family events/friend deaths and being on the opposite coast from everyone I know. I'm glad I moved last year, but the loneliness I feel at my job/in this city is really wearing on me.
  • My landlord (who also lives in the building) sent an email at 5am saying he was having some work done in his unit and the contractor would be turning the water off for about 3 hours and it should be back on in the early afternoon. He left out what time the contractor was actually coming so I could take a shower, fill teakettle, fill sink with hot water for dishes, etc...
    Fondly, a grumpy, and slightly stinky, Grazi
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    I read today about yet another high school cutting the budget for Arts & Music, and this was just after increasing the budget for Athletics.  I have nothing against basic Phys Ed to get them moving and healthy, but it seems to me kids will find a way to play sports even without encouragement from school.  But many will never be exposed to the fundamentals of art or music if they don't get it from school.  This really irritates me.
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    YES, this is also one of my biggest concerns about schools today. 
    I have others also, such as what is commonly known as 'teaching to the test'; also an issue which has become prevalent in Colorado, the pressure that ultra-conservative school boards are applying to change curriculums so that certain sciences and history are modified to teach what are beliefs, not facts.
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