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  • KinoEye said:
    @foodycatAlicia Urchin is magnificent. I'm in love with her tail. Although, that coat looks like a grooming nightmare!

    I've been thinking a lot about this guy lately. George was a feral kitten I managed to "tame" and adopt about four years ago. He taught me a lot about the value of patience and perseverance, because he was a skittish little boy and took a while to warm up to me. He unfortunately passed away around this time last year -- I took him to the vet because of a urinary obstruction, and got the dreaded phone call that he'd passed away in the night. The cause? A rare, genetic heart condition. They told me it would have claimed him sooner or later, but it was so sudden and devastating. I adopted the new girl, Gracie, not long after, and Chuck goofed his way into our lives recently. But I still miss my black boy something fierce.

    I am grateful we got to have three wonderful years together, and thanks to George I've become an advocate for Trap-Neuter-Return programs, feral cats and black cats everywhere -- such wonderful companions, and they're adopted less than any other color of cat. 

    RIP to George and all the other fur babies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
    She's not too bad - if we weren't completely disgusted by the noises she makes chucking up furballs, we'd let her deal with her pelt by herself. She quite likes pulling knots out. So we give her a bit of a comb a couple of times a week, run the Furminator over her once a week in summer and cut out any mats she manages to conceal under her arms.

    I remember when George passed. It was shocking when you mentioned it in the Lounge, so I can't imagine how flattened you must have been.
  • @KinoEye  So sorry for your loss.  What a handsome fella he was.
  • KinoEye, why are black cats adopted the least? He was an extremely handsome boy.
    Allie07, I love the intellegence behind the eyes of your beautiful boy. Cute big ears too. Thank you for posting the picture.
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    Thank you for posting the photo, @allie07  — now we can all pay our respects to your beautiful, beloved friend.  Difficult as it was, letting him go was your final loving act for him.  I hope you find comfort over the coming weeks and months.

    @KinoEye — Belated condolences to you as well.  Love George’s expression there.  I won’t post my link again, it’s upthread on page 3 (I think), but the cat I was writing about died of HCM — was that George’s condition?  (As I said above, Sky was the most robustly healthy cat we’d ever had.  But at age 8, he died in his sleep...leaving us devastated.)  Good on you for being inspired by George to do so much good work for other cats!

  • @Genfemme You're welcome!  And thank you.  He was my little handsome prince and I will miss those big ears!

    @Winter_White You're welcome! Thank you, it was really hard saying goodbye.  
  • @allie07 I can empathise - it's very hard, even when you know it's the right decision. We had to make that same decision with our remaining cat last August (after the other had passed away in early Feb). I'm just about getting to the point where I'm not convinced I'm hearing cat noises or seeing either of them out of the corner of my eye now. 
  • @lundibleu Thank you and I am sorry for your losses.  Everything in the house reminds me of him and I either smile or cry.  Mostly cry.  I wish the Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours.
  • image

    One of the two - Imp, a dilute tortie. I tell her she's lucky she's so cute, otherwise she would have been defenestrated a decade ago.
  • marared, we have a dilute tortie and a striking orange and black regular tortie. Have you ever heard of the phrase "tortitude"? That describes our torties to a T.
    The dilute tortie especially. She saunders about the house with her imaginary Princess crown on, and her aristocratic little nose in the air.

    I must be a crazy cat lady. In addition to having 5 cats I just love reading all the posts about everyone elses cats! It makes me smile.
  • @marared What a pretty kitty! 
  • I love seeing all the BK kittens!  And puppies!  And chinchillas!

    This is Natasha, the terrible 3 year old who thinks she is in charge of all things.

    This is Yeti, the 18 year old who is actually in charge of all things. (And not deaf, despite the white coat and blue eyes.  Although he does ignore me on occasion.)

    And this is Yeti, proving he's in charge of all things by taking over Tasha's favorite shoebox. (That is her grumpy puff pose, with the ears of displeasure.)
  • Both Yeti and Tasha are gorgeous! 
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    This is Rubi, the love of my life:

    And here's Chai when he was a kitten:

    Dang it, what am I doing wrong?
  • @kimmeister ; At least I was able to click on the links and see your 2 adorable kitties.  I don't have any digital pictures of my cats, but I'm hoping when you finally figure it out you can give a tutorial for the rest of us for future use.  Good luck!
  • @Zoeg I've tried all of the different links that photobucket provides - direct, IMG, URL, and none of them work!
  • @Kimmeister ; Well you certainly get credit for persistence!  It's probably just something small, like a option setting but they never make it easy to figure these things out.  Have you tried googling "photobucket troubleshooting" and then looking for someone that had a similar problem?  Surprisingly I've had luck with that on other obscure computer problems.
  • @PlasticMouse and @Kimmeister You're kitties are so pretty! I love all these photos!

  • Gemfemme Thank you! He was a charmer :-) From what I've read, it's a mix of people still being superstitious that they're bad luck (not enough eye rolls in the world) and the fact that there are so many of them in shelters. When people go to adopt, the "plain" black cat maybe doesn't catch their eye like another color/pattern. I have a theory that there are more stray black cats in cities because they have better camouflage than other colors, but I don't know for sure. My neigborhood is lousy with them, though, much more than any other color.

    @Winter_White Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. That's the one. I was shocked because just like your boy, George always appeared to be in great health. Never sick, never had to go to the vet in three years apart from being neutered. I won't lie, I felt robbed at first. But I'm glad that I was able to give him a much better life than what he would have had on the streets -- kittens don't last long outside here. Cats have always been my good friends, so I want to help them when I can! 
    I cruised all over Sky's page: What a stunner. I can almost feel that luxurious fur through the screen. I'm so sorry you parted ways after only 8 years, but it looks like he had the absolute best life a cat could ask for. 

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    @foodycatAlicia: Oh, wow, she's quite the snow queen. Lovely

    @PlasticMouse: Yeti vaguely resembles his namesake in that last picture. With a black cat and a white one, are you resigned to selective shedding? I only have a black one, and I've mostly given up on wearing light colors.

    @KinoEye: I have a house panther myself, and I think that part of the problem is that it's harder to get a good picture of a black cat than it is for one of another color. Mine was in at her foster's for months after her siblings, and even in 2005, I think it was partly an advertising problem. Her siblings made for pretty posters and Craigslist ads, and hers wasn't quite as eyecatching. In the days of Petfinder, I would guess it's more amplified. But I wouldn't be surprised if black cats and especially black kittens are harder to find as well, and are more common in the stray population.
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    I didn't mean to post twice. Sorry.
  • @kimmeister are you pasting the link into the insert photo bit?
  • @lunchcoma Eh, shedding happens. I vacuum pretty frequently, and sticky rollers do a fine job if I have to be completely defurrred for an event. I adopted Yeti at the same time as a Siamese, Khan (he passed a few years ago,) so I've had multiple fur colors invading my wardrobe for a long time. I like to think of cat hair as the perfect accessory. Goes with everything.
  • @Tracy_Flick Maxine sounds AWESOME! I love the personality quirks that cats develop as they age. And I can relate to the "walking across the face" thing. Oddly, I miss that if I'm sleeping away from home.
  • TomTom
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    Right click on the picture and copy the url. Click on the image icon in your post draft and enter the url there.

    et voila:

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    @KinoEye  Thank you for your kind words about our boy…and you’re right, “robbed” is the perfect word for the feeling of that particular kind of loss. Hugs and affectionate ear scritches to Gracie and Chuck!

    @PlasticMouse  Natasha is gorgeous.  Love the avatar photo of her too.  As @lunchcoma was saying, it is trickier to capture their beauty on camera, but your pics of Natasha are proof that for sheer drama and elegance, nothing tops a black cat!

    We love all animals, every color, every breed and non-.  But my husband and I have only ever had white cats.  For the first two, that was by accident; the next four were on purpose – and in spite of the fact that it makes us look terribly eccentric. :)  Over the years, the whites have simply come to seem like ‘family.'  So when I saw Yeti I smiled and thought, oh, look, another beautiful  member of my tribe!  (I hope Natasha and Yeti enjoy getting close and cuddly with each other, because that would be such a pretty sight…)

    @kimmeister   How would you describe your lovely girl's personality?  I’ve been curious about Rubi.  When you first posted her link, I clicked — and for a moment felt surprised and self-conscious, as though I’d accidentally barged into her private space!  lol  Had the impulse to back away, mumbling apologies for interrupting her.  She looks smart and so…present.  Hoping we'll get to see a pic of grown-up Chai, too, when you get a chance.

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    @kimmeister: I also feel as if I've intruded on Rubi's solitude! What beautiful eyes. And Mr. Chai is some cute stuff. Is he a mix of breeds, or something in particular? I don't often see that pretty, snowy coat in the wild -- a seal lynx point Siamese, maybe? 
  • @allie07 Your boy looks like he was a real sweetheart. It's always so hard to make the decision to let them go, but like you said, they let you know when it's their time. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. But I bet your guy is frolicking with George and all the other BK fur babies on what must be an utterly fabulous part of the Rainbow Bridge. :-)
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    Here's my boy...

  • Our house is no longer full of boys of the human species, all off in college, grad school and jobs (sob!!!), but we still have two of the canine variety: Julius and DUC, which is short for Dexter Ulysses C[last name]. They fill our house with love and affection...and fur, and dander, and mud, and slobber. Between boys and dogs, I haven't had a really clean house in decaded - and wouldn't have it any other way. Love these guys!image

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