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  • So many beautiful black cats (and dogs) here.  Anyone who rejects them out of superstition or because it's hard to get a good picture is a fool...
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    @jilly Pit bulls are great! I love their big blockheads. :) 

    @harlowish Black cats are so gorgeous. Someday, I hope I have one, they are so pretty and elegant.

    @Lela_Loving Thank you!

    @HotTamale I'm so curious about your tortoise (?) How did you come to have him as a pet? They live a really long time, don't they? Have you had him long?
  • @foodycatAlicia your cat is the most beautiful I've ever seen! That picture of him in the snow is just amazing. @GiverofCheese, I want another dog now.  :)

    I can't upload a picture because it wants a URL and I don't have a web page to post these on, so I don't know what to do. I have a 50 pound beagle named Crash, a beautiful German Shepard Puppy named Sarge, and two cats - Kawi and Hadji. Hadji is a Siamese that we got for free when we bought his sister. He had a birth defect, deformed ribs that felt like a hole in his chest where his rib cage should have been. The man let my daughter, who was three years old at the time, hold him after telling her that the kitty was sick. Brooke held him very gently, and Charlie, what was 18 months old at the time, came over and pet him very gently while Brooke was holding him. The man offered him to us on the spot. He said, "I promised my wife I wouldn't give him to anybody with kids, but I don't think she meant kids like yours."  :)
  • @HotTamale, STOP!!! Now I want a turtle SOOOO bad!!!!

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  • image

    Let's try this again. Meet Sarge!

  • This is Crash.

  • @OffToSeeHim - I feel like a very proud mama when you say kind things about Urchin! We think she is beautiful, and her breeder has often told us that she is the prettiest cat she's ever had, but still... external validation is good!

    Sarge is gorgeous. I am SUCH a sucker for a GS. 
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    @HotTamale, STOP!!! Now I want a turtle SOOOO bad!!!!

    He's an awesome pet. I enjoy hand feeding him, but I must be mindful when I'm bare-toed around him. He wants to taste my toes if I'm wearing red polish. He thinks my toes are strawberries. Beany is a tortoise- he does not swim.
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    I have to provide more evidence that it IS possible to take good pictures of black cats (yes, that's the only reason why I'm returning to this thread...):

    This is Milo.




    and with his brother Jamie:

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    smh4748 said:

    @HotTamale I'm so curious about your tortoise (?) How did you come to have him as a pet? They live a really long time, don't they? Have you had him long?
    We got Beany and Cecil when they were each the size of a 50-cent coin (if you remember those). They are a protected species, so you must know someone who has a breeding pair. We were on our friend's waiting list a few years before we got ours.The first 3 years they lived indoors in a specially heated terrarium. Once they became big enough and heavy enough not to be carried off by a coyote (Los Angeles) then we allowed them to roam our backyard. They must not be allowed to dig under a fence and get lost. They are quite curious. 

    Sadly, Cecil overturned onto his back one super hot summer day when the family was away for a few hours. Unable to right himself, he died. It was horrible. Beany has been living with us 13 years. He will outlive us. We have to settle his future in our trust!!

  • @hottamale, that's awful about Cecil! Why did he die from being on his back? Can't they breathe like that? I'm so sorry.

    @laurarenee, there's just NOTHING like a black cat, is there? Always so pretty,and I've never met one that wasn't super friendly.
  • @OffToSeeHim

    The temperature that day was around 107. I discovered him on his back on a concrete patio in direct sun for what I guess was several hours. 

    That's all I'm willing to say. It was traumatic.
  • HotTamale said:

    The temperature that day was around 107. I discovered him on his back on a concrete patio in direct sun for what I guess was several hours. 

    That's all I'm willing to say. It was traumatic.
    Oh God. I'm so, so sorry.
  • @OffToSeeHim Sarge is a beauty! My boy is part German Shepard, and I just love those sharp, intelligent eyes. So expressive.

    @LauraRenee Milo is gorgeous! Black cats can, indeed, take wonderful pictures. Like so: image
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    This is one of my favorite pet pictures of all time -- when Calvin (right) met Gracie (left). 


    He wasn't too sure about that tiny, gray thing that swatted at him when he tried to sniff it, but years of experience with cats taught him to be a gentle giant. He reluctantly took on the role of baby sitter, and in time grew to love his new charge.

    Sometimes, she'll walk up to him when he's laying down and start cleaning his ears. When she's feeling spicy, she grabs onto his legs and tail and tries to play with him. He sighs deeply, and gently removes himself from the situation. They love each other. 

  • @KinoEye Gracie's body language and Calvin's facial expression tell the whole story.  So cute.
  • @KinoEye, that's so beautiful I'm actually sniffling. I'm such a dork!
  • harlowish said:

    This is my cat Kiwi.  I'm a substitute teacher, and last May I went on a field trip and found this tiny feral kitten. 

    Oh, good on you! She's a lovely kitty.

    @lela_loving Bow ties are cool, you know. ;) There's a local crafter here I buy them from because PORTLAND.

    And because chickens are somewhat under-represented here thus far, I'll add some of our girls. We have 11 total right now (in the middle of the city with a special permit, because I am a crazy chicken lady AND a crazy cat lady). Our youngest is around 8 months, and our oldest is going to be 12 years old next month.

    Here is a shot of part of our flock, with two of my most ridiculous girls front and center, Martha and Adelaide (both named after Doctor Who characters because of course). Martha is a White Crested Polish, and Adelaide is a Mottled Houdan. And no, neither of them see terribly well, but they get by just fine because my ladies are very spoiled.

  • @SarahIvy ; Those are the fanciest looking chickens I've ever seen!  WERQ!
  • @sarahivy, I hate when chickens are underrepresented. You go girl, get your cluck on!  :-D
  • KinoEye said:
    "when Calvin met Gracie"

    This is so adorable. It reads like the title of a children's picture book.
    Just a thought..... 

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    So, I was posting this in the Bitter Kittens FAQ thread, and I thought I'd get a slapdown from the uncles, so I'm posting it here instead.   :)  WinterWhite was saying that she couldn't post a picture of her BEAUTIFUL cat on this thread.


    @winterwhite, tell me about it! I had to make a new FB, which I'll never ever use again, just to put those photos there and then link to them! If you can figure out a way to PM them to me, I'd be happy to post them there and send you the link. I should offer that on the thread, as a matter of fact. 

    So I'm offering. Or if anyone wants to just email me a pic, you can send it to arobotti at gmail. I'll post it on the FB account and send you a link. I'll never be using that FB page for anything except those two pics of my dogs, I already have a page. So it'll just be a page with pictures of pets.  :)
  • I was telling OffToSeeHim in another thread that this is my new Happy Place!  I love all of the pics, and love all of the stories that go along with them.

    @OffToSeeHim  (I'm glad you switched over here - I was worried about the same thing!)  That is such a kind offer, and I appreciate it so much!  I'm determined to organize my photos on a Tumblr account or something, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  You will get an email from me though.

    @KinoEye -- Calvin and Gracie:  no words for how precious those photos are.

  • @WinterWhite When I saw your avatar, my first thought was, "Another Yeti!" Your furry family is beautiful!
  • JeremiahCapacillo, LOVE Sienna! She looks like she's about to go solve a mystery! Or take off flying!  :)
  • @allie07, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I think Crash is getting close to that time too. I can't bear to think about it. I'll do the responsible thing, of course, but it's just so hard.
  • @OffToSeeHim Thank you.  It is really hard but it is easier not seeing him suffer from old age and illness .  Speedy told me he was ready.  He looked me in the eyes and I just knew what he was thinking... sounds weird but it is true.  Sorry it is getting closer for Crash.  Give that sweetie a lot of hugs and kisses.

    It is so nice seeing everyone's cute pets!
  • @Jasmine_Hamzaton - Yay greys!  I currently have 2 as well!

    These handsome boys are retired racers.  Cesium (the black one) just turned 3, and Radium (the gray one) is almost 8. Our thing was always 2 dogs- one we owned and one we fostered.  When it came time to move to the Southwest, we knew we would be leaving our fostering days behind us, so we decided to adopt two as our boy Cobalt had passed a few months prior to the move.

    This picture is the boys at the kennel we use when we go out of town.

  • @stancey Cobalt, Cesium and Radium? I love it! Are you a scientist?
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