Curly hair tips!

I have naturally curly hair and am always looking for product recommendations and styling tips and new things to try.  My hair is just past shoulder length.  I almost always wear it down.  My goal is the perfect tight curls that don't frizz.  (I live in Chicagoland, so dry winters, humid summers).

Currently I'm on a Ouidad kick, but also mix in some Redken products.  Always diffuse upside down, but get varying results on the curls.



  • Lately I've been cowashing with Yes to Carrots conditioner then using Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Style Milk.  It has really helped with the frizz and getting consistent curl, but I haven't used it in the summer yet.  
  • I use Rici products. You can order them online on their site. The stuff is a miracle. The only thing is that I don't use it every day. I use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo every couple days. I find that it strips the color out of my hair quicker if I use it every day. Then I need to go get it colored more! 
  • My hair is also long shoulder length and naturally curly but I live in the SF Bay Area and the weather here is pretty mild (occasionally dry), so what works for me might not work in a Midwest winter. On days I wash my hair I use MOP leave in conditioner, then scrunch and air dry. On days I don't wash it, I use Deva Curl spray gel on damp hair (again, scrunch and air dry). The Deva Curl stuff is good, my hair stylist uses some of their other products on me and I've been happy with her results. I am very low maintenance with my hair (don't need ow a blow dryer), but these products work great to keep the curls the way I like them (curly and not frizzy).
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  • I too have natural curly hair and when you throw in the tropical climate I live in, it can be a frizzy mess. I find that Living Proof products really work in calming the friz. Their Perfect Hair Day is great.
  • Used same product for 23 years. Biolage Gelee by Matrix. Put on damp hair, do not touch for 1 hour min. I never use drier, diffuser, comb or brush. Then scrunch, forms glossy curls, no frizz. I've tried Ouidad, John Frieda, living Proof, Hair Milk, Redken but nothing touches the Gelee for me.
  • I am always trying to improve my curl game! After fighting it for a long time, I finally quit silicones this year, as well as actual shampoo (for the most part). I found a co-wash and conditioner that I really like-I think the brand is Cantu, and I just get it at Wal-Mart, in the natural hair section. I use a mixture of Shea Moisture curl cream and the Sally's version of the Biolage gel for styling, and I've discovered putting the products in while it's still soaking wet makes a big difference in fighting frizz. I do that, wrap my hair in a t-shirt turban, and then usually will add a little more gel once I've flipped it back over. I'll usually start drying it a little with my diffuser and then let it air dry while I finish getting ready, and then finish with the diffuser. Most days it works great...then other days the beast has a mind of it's own, as I'm sure y'all are well aware of ;)
  • I was introduced to Devachan hair products by my daughter, who is a hairdresses and who used to work in their salon in New York City. Devacurl 'no poo' shampoo and conditioners is fantastic - no frizz, lovely curls. And it works with superhard water as well.
  • So glad to see other curlies here. Getting my first Deva cut four years ago totally changed my life--I went from almost NEVER wearing my hair down to embracing the curls. Still, it feels like every season I have to re-learn how to deal (in DC, this winter has been particularly windy and dry).

    I'm relatively happy with the Catwalk Curlesque Curl Amplifier Cream, which I put in when it's soaking wet and then scrunch and diffuse upside down. I tend to go with whatever silicone-free drugstore conditioner I can find, which is probably why I get such varying results, but hey, student loan payments are expensive. Lately, the new Dove line for curls has me intrigued.
  • Devachan product all the way.
  • I use Deva Curl No-poo as well as Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner.  I got a haircut last Tuesday and should have replenished my No-poo as I'm nearly out, but I've got to take my cat in for dental work tomorrow and may have to take my oldest dog in very soon for the same.  When I'm a bit more flush with money, I'll get the No-poo again.   What's weird is that I like the H.E. Naked really well even though it does have some alcohols in it as well as a smudge of dimethicone.  I also use Tresemme Naturals Conditioner because it works and it's cheap!

    I have not found a styling product that I'm crazy about though.  I want something where I can really break up the gel cast and doesn't make my hair feel dirty.  I have been using Curls Goddess Curls botanical gelee, but it's at times too stiff and crunchy.

    I do have a dilemma with my hairdresser who is a Deva approved stylist.  I feel she does give me a good cut, but my hair looks so much better when I style it.  Last week, she put spritzed the gel on, clipped it and put me under the dryer (these dryers look like they are out of Star Wars and act as diffusers.)   I think I'll tell her next time to let my hair dry naturally.  If they want me to sit there in the salon for a while, that's OK.  I could also "plop" my hair, but I don't know if it's kosher to bring your own cloth from home.  Anyway, I just want to avoid my hair looking like frizzy shit.  Like I said it looks good otherwise.
  • Yeah, I don't like the way they style at Devachan, I usually end up going home and washing my hair to fix it

  • I used to use Deva Curl and it was pretty good, but not life-changing. I then switched to making my own shampoo and conditioner from recipes out of a homemade beauty book I worked on, and that was good but I'm too lazy to keep making it all the time! So now I use It's a 10 shampoo and Trader Joe's moisturizing conditioner (that one's so cheap it cancels out the cost of the shampoo), and Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions gel, which I found through Birchbox, and overall it's been working pretty well. Some days I don't even put in styling product at all. Since it's so cold right now I have been blow drying my hair in the morning, which I normally never do, so that's been drying it out a bit. I think I'll give some of these products you are all recommending a shot as well.
  • My hair is super curly and super dry.  I have to weigh it down with a ton of product and conditioner to keep it under control.

    I love the Redken AllSoft product line for shampoo and conditioner.

    Another tip my hairstylist gave me.  Never use a brush for your hair.  A wide tooth comb is much better because it doesn't disrupt the natural way your curls will stay together.  (I know I'm not phrasing that well.  Hopefully it makes sense!)  A brush breaks apart the structure and causes frizz.  Some days I don't even use a comb and just run my fingers through it.
  • I've taken to only using my comb in the shower, just before I rinse the conditioner.

    After letting dry (for about 2-3 minutes) with my microfiber turban, I only use my fingers to work through products.
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    thebitterestkitten,  You'd think that they'd know how to style curly hair if they're a Devachan stylist or a "Deva inspired" and trained one, wouldn't you?  I'd go back to my old hair stylist, but AFAIK, he's gone back to Italy.  He always left my hair wet although he did offer me a blowout.  He was fabulous! His stepson -not so much.  He once cut the hair on the top of my head really short.
  • has great advice and articles for all sorts of curlies, as well as product reviews and forums.  Given, most of the folks over there are into the whole no sulfates, no 'cones, etc. sort of thing, but it's worked well for me and my 2b/3a hair.  Good luck!
  • @Munchkn You should try out the Biolage gel (or the Sally version) for styling. I get a good curl cast that always breaks up well, and I don't ever have a problem with it getting to stiff or crunchy.
  • I used Derm Organic Argan Oil on my hair. It's just enough to smooth out the curl while not making it crunchy. I hate the feeling of crunchy curls.
  • Thanks for the tips, Emster and Gemfemme!  I'll have to try those products.My old stylist did use Moroccan Oil on my hair and that seemed to be okay.
  • Seconded! I'm definitely going to add the Biolage gel into my summer rotation (creams in winter, gels in summer? Anyone else do that?)
  • I'm a huge fan of Aquage's curl defining creme, it's pretty much all I use in my hair aside from a little moroccan oil here or there (that stuff is wondrous!). 

    Aquage is my new thing, though, my stylist swears by it and thus far, it's kinda miraculous at getting my 'merida hair' to stay defined, unfrizzy, and bouncy for days (I was hit every 3-4 days with only minor recurls with a curling iron in between). 

    Also, YAY CHICAGO! 
  • any uk people on here with recommendations for styling products for curly hair?
  • I've always had wavy hair that was easy to straighten. Until my first pregnancy. Omg, the hormones made my hair so curly! Finally, after my second baby, I accepted the fact that I have curly hair. It's super fun to have to learn a completely different hair texture in one's mid-30s. I found a Deva-certified stylist and I'm so glad, because she gave me a haircut that really highlighted my new curls. I've been using the Deva products, too (the no-poo, the conditioning crème, gel, and reviving spray). I've been using the products for about nine months; so far they've been working well!
  • can your hair texture change with age? I keep thinking some of my curly hair seems straighter than it used to?
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