Championship Hair Flipping/Flinging

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These photos of Amal Clooney demanded a new BK Thread dedicated to Champion Hair Flipping. Only the very few know how to employ the hair flip with such aplomb.  

First Entrant:  Amal Clooney in the Category of...Yes, I am brilliant AND beautiful.
Ms. Amal is obviously fluent in FOUR languages. Her hair is saying all kinds of "Be Me!"




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    Ms. Solange and her hair have inspired so much digital and real ink that a college course dedicated to its power can't possibly be too far behind.  Today we will focus on Ms. Solange using her hair flipping for Social Commentary.  

    Ms. Solange and her response to the entire Zendaya/Fashion Police Hair Controversy
    Category: Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair


  • Our next contestant is, of course, Reese Witherspoon;
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    Our next contestant is, of course, Reese Witherspoon;
    Yes, Ms. Reese will undoubtedly appear here quite often.  Her level of flipping is "Oscar" worthy! 
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    Duchess Kate has all the hair that her husband doesn't.  With the strong guidance of the Royal Molders, she's learned to flip while "Fascinatoring."  Ladies, this is a skill we must master before our trip to the Royal Box at Ascot.

    Duchess Kate
    Category:  From My Locks Royalty Springs

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    One final entry this morning...

    There aren't sufficient words to describe the hair flipping excellence that these three women accomplished in this very short video. Let's just take a moment and bask in the glory that was "CHARLIE'S ANGELS." A special moment of silence for the late Ms. Farrah Fawcett, whose hairstyle was known worldwide as "The Flip."

    Kate, Farrah & Jaclyn
    Category: Flipping while Fighting Crime

  • I think there may need to be a division for men; attitude of hair flipping when no hair flows
  • hoopoe said:
    I think there may need to be a division for men; attitude of hair flipping when no hair flows
    Here you go...
    Andre Agassi
    Category: True Swagger is Forever

  • How about the Icon of All Flippers? 


  • And a RPJ flip ...


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    Bravo, @DeDe!  Well done on both accounts.  

    In honor of the final days of Paris Fashion Week, I offer the following...

    Alexander Wang
    Category: Fierce Fashion Flip

  • Cher, always and forever
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    Well Cher and Jaclyn Smith and company probably learned from the Master:

  • @DaveinHollywood Rita Hayworth was such a beauty!!

    Clay Matthews sassy hair flip.  Go Pack Go :)

  • @DaveinHollywood, thank you so much for the gorgeous smile of Ms. Rita.  

    I have to admit, I never noticed the mid-air flip of Angelina Jolie in this Mr. and Mrs. Smith clip.
    It was pointed out by a very excited group of guys at a dinner party I attended.
    I was too distracted by the pretty pink lining of the coat.
    Different strokes...

    Angelina Jolie
    Category: "Yes, I Can Steal (or kill) Your Man (or Woman)" Flip

  • @allie07 Clay Matthews! You must be my people. :)
  • Also for your consideration:


    Category:  Bodice Ripper Flippers
  • Best thread ever.
  • I don't think a certain someone is going to let that Solange hairflip stand:

    hair flip animated GIF
  • @DaveinHollywood...Wednesday officially started with a hearty laugh!  Thank you!

  • Recent events at PFW require that I post this flip

    Derek Zoolander
    Category: Headlines & Hair Flips

  • Don't think the Hair Flip is serious business?  
    Try washing your hair at the International Space Station!

    Expedition 36 Astronaut Karen Nyberg of NASA 
    Category: Zero Gravity Hair Flipimage
  • I see your Zero Gravity Hair Flip and raise it with:

  • Lucy Liu has several good ones in the Charlie's Angels movies:

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    @DeDe, why do you have me sitting at my computer screaming with laughter?
    @Kimmeister, you're right! Lucy Liu kept the "Charlie's Angels Flip" alive and flipping! (for my fellow lovers of Simple Minds)

    Which of course leads me to The Breakfast Club and 
    Ms. Molly Ringwald
    Category: I RULED the 80s with this Flip

  • As a young teenage cricket I realized one day between third and fourth periods that 'omg my hair will never bounce and flip like the other girls because WHEELCHAIRS DON'T BOUNCE!' 

    This, far more than say, body issues or health concerns or being deemed 'not normal' by my walking peers was so much more shocking and heartbreaking for me that I immediately decided I'd have to learn to bob my head in such a way when driving that I at least got a little sway in my ponytails. This was only slightly less silly than how I waved my non-steering arm back and forth at my side because in my head 'that's how people walk/run quickly, so I should too.'

    I probably looked utterly ridiculous, but it was a sort of dark epiphany for me that I might not have this aspect of femininity to work with. It also didn't help that I've 27lbs of thick, curly norse-mane to deal with, and at that point, only women with pin-straight, center-parted Kate Moss hair were deemed attractive in my world. I deal with this now by rocking epicly large hair and just flicking the front piece out of my eyes in various bratty, catty, and decidedly 'southern shade throwing' ways as I can manage. 
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    As I head off to play a little tennis, an inspirational post...

    Ms. Serena Williams
    Category: Grand Slam Flip with a Little Hip


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    Of course, the TV princess of hair flipping, even with a broken nose!

    film animated GIF

  • And Molly wasn't the only world class hair flipper in The Breakfast Club!

    the breakfast club animated GIF
  • Followed by the Bend and Snap tutorial for the next generation on how to get yourself a man's attention:

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    Thank you for your beautiful post.

    As a young girl with a small afro, whose father was firmly anti-relaxer, I too longed for the hair flip. I practiced with a towel until my grandmother bought me a wig (a grandmotherly wig, but flippable hair nonetheless). I still don't understand how I was able to wear that wig EVERYWHERE and not have a single person mention a word about it.

    After many years of relaxing my hair, I decided five years ago to go natural.  Last year, I stop straightening altogether and began to grow an afro.  Talk about a journey.  Over the last year, as I've come into closer relationship with my natural hair, I have learned a bit more about myself. Accepting the natural texture of my hair has been part and parcel of loving myself just as I am.  

    I started this thread because while hair carries so much social power and, as you noted, aesthetic pressure, it can also be so much fun. So, a toast to all of us hair flippers...those with straight Hair; those of us with thick curly manes; and those with no hair to flip at all.  As with everything in life, it is all in the attitude! (and Bend & Snap, thx @DeDe)

    You speak of your big curly mane, so I must share my hair inspiration, Ms. Aevin Dugas.  Her 'fro is so big that her younger sister often hides things in it.  She holds the World's Record for the largest Afro.  She's been growing it for fourteen years.

    Hugs to you...and a photo of 
    Ms. Aevin Douglas
    Category: It Doesn't Have to be Straight to be FIERCE


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