Nail Polish

I am a nail polish junkie!  I'm one of those people who HAVE to have their toenails painted at all times, and I like having my friend paint my fingernails with her amazing nail art.

So I've been accumulating nail polish over the past few years, and I really only like OPI and Butter London.  

My most recent acquistion is OPI's Jade is the New Black


Any other nail polish lovers here?


  • Oh honey! We are people.

    I paint my nails, nearly obsessively. And at least every 2 days. Toes, maybe once a week. It's my zen time.
  • Ooh, I love that color! 

    I have a giant bin full of nail polish, but I'm not obsessive about having all of my nails painted at all times. Of course I love OPI, but I have bought a lot of Sinful Colors that I love. I really love the new Sally Hansen gel manicure sets. The polish dries super quickly and it's shiny, and it lasts at least a week (and I am very rough on my nails).
  • It's only been the last couple of years that I've got into having my fingernails polished - but my toes are always done in summer.

    My favourite, favourite brand is A-England - beautiful range of colours, they go on really nicely and usually last a week without chipping.

    I tend to go for blues and greens. I'm don't do much in the way of nail art, but this galaxy nail is my favourite and takes advantage of all the blues and greens.
  • Yes, I have found my people.  I spend my evenings with Netflix and nail polish. 

    My all time favorite color is For Audrey by China Glaze.  It is the authorized Tiffany Blue match from my understanding, but it's just a color that seems to go with what a lot of I wear and not be a glaring crazy color (and I do love those). My summer color is Orange Knockout and it is an obnoxiously neon orange, but damn if it doesn't seem to work.  My "professional" color...China Glaze Sex on the Beach...which, I don't even know sometimes with the names.  But it's a lovely glitter mauve.  My red is Dutch Tulips by OPI.  But, I can get down with some of the cheaper polish. Sally Hansen Complete Manicure is a fav of mine.  I have found that the 99 cent range is absolute no for me.  3 coats and I'll chip it before the morning even with a top coat. Waste of my time. 

    I invested in the gel nail set and effing hated it.  I mean, it was so lovely when I was done...but the nightmare of getting it off.  No. My nails are already brittle and peeling. The. worst.  Sold it on eBay and will never regret it. 

    You know, I've taken to putting the nail stickers on my toes (I am a master of stretching them and then matching the print on my big toe) in the summer. The upside is they aren't as popular as they once were and I've been scoring a pile of them from the dollar store. 
  • Pedis are Very Necessary when you do yoga- you see your toes too much. Currently loving OPI's line for Gwen Stefani- Over and Over A-Gwen.
  • Wow! That's a great red!
  • The bold new spring nail trend you have to try (according to Allure magazine):

  • Ah yes, my peeps! I have a sickeningly large amount of nail polish. Over 100 at last count. It's not a problem, it's a hobby. I typically stick to purples & blues, though I have an inordinate number of greens for some reason.

    Sadly my manicures never last more than a day or so. I don't know if it's my job or what, but inevitably, I come home with chipped nails :(
  • I love that colour @Sadie

    I love manis/pedis, but I'm a terrible nail painter so I get them done professionally. I frequent a nail salon not too far from where I live and the lady who always does mine gives the best foot massages, so that's a big part of the draw. I like gel colour manicures because with regular manicures, no matter how long I sit there and wait for the polish to dry, there is always that one nail that gets smudged, and I like that they last a couple of weeks for me. For my toes, I just go for regular polish. 

  • I used to get powder-dip manicures when I lived up north, they're a little healthier for your nails than gel (No UV light, no need to file off the polish), but there were never quite the variety of polish colors because, well, it was all powders. I loooooved them though, so, so much. Finding a salon you can really get comfortable with and know your manicurist is the best!
    Now I'm too lazy to find a place since I've moved and just paint my nails every few days. It's really relaxing, like folks have said. 

    I swear by Essie's Triple Play base coat, it's almost as good as a gel manicure. But it gets a bit tacky and thick over time, or possibly I just forget and leave it open. 

    I tend to wear just plain colors vs nail art. I just feel like nail art on my little kid-sized hands tends to really look too, too young, and I'd rather be youthful in terms of a single intense color (I favor grays, blacks, browns, deep greens/blues/purples) than with stripes and designs. 

    I -did- recently splurge on Sephora's Ciate minis and got 'Mineral Love' which is a sort of sheer rose pink with a bunch of gold glitter in it. It's THE BEST! I feel like it should be listed as sort of Disney Princess Glitter Vomit though. I tend to put it on with a few coats of clear polish over and only after I've thoroughly buffed the top gritty layers of excess glitter down so it doesn't snag, but that stuff lasts for 8-10 days with no chips and I get tons of compliments.

    I also got a few other Ciate minis, but this one is just too glorious not to rant about
  • I have had a running battle with biting my nails my entire life.That never stopped me from lusting after nail polish when I was younger.

    I usually just use OPI's Nail Envy to keep my nails looking at least healthy now, and get the occasional manicure, as my nailpainting skills are mediocre, at best.

    I do have a few bottles of OPI colors lounging around my makeup area.

  • @Decormaven - that is the PERFECT red. Love it.

    I, too, am a nail polish whooore. I have waaay too many polishes, and have started trying to find the old, clumpy bottle to throw out when I buy a new one. My favorite polish for summer is Essie's Play Date - it's a lavender - and I get compliments whenever I wear it. I really don't know that I gravitate to one color (the way I do with lipstick and gloss) - I'm all over the board with my polish.
  • I don't bother with polish in the winter because my nails seem to turn to glass and break if I look at them wrong.  They're just starting to bounce back and are currently an opaque pale pink.

    I like polish, but don't have time to do it as much as I would like.  Pedicures last me a really long time so I go to the salon, but my hands aren't worth it because it wears to quickly.  Blues, purples and pinks dominate my collection.
  • Love it!  Living in the South flip flops make an appearance on my feet year round so it is always pedicure season.  I do the mani's but unless I have something very professional where I feel the need to kill my nails with the shellac polish I go into the service knowing 3 days is my max on decent nails. 

    I'll be 44 in a couple of weeks and struggle with being too classic (read old) in my choices and too trendy (read teenage-y).

    Ever since Channel released a black polish I have no where to go to rebel!

    *Any good tips on getting glitter polish off?  I love how it looks on my toes, but man does it have staying power.
  • I really love various grays for when I want to feel 'elegantly punk rock.' I tend to skip most 'shimmer' polishes that're colored and go with creamy versions of deeper hues. When I attend the 'Ladies Meetings' with my Grannie once a month here in the deep, deep south, you'd be shocked how curious and genuinely complimentary (an important distinction to the 'isn't that just something!' compliments) the ladies are about my various hues. The deep emerald was a Christmas party favorite!

    Also, I know it's not wondrous for my nails, but they're still in decent shape after over a year's worth of using 100% acetone to remove my polish, and it is WAY, WAY CRAZY FASTER with the glitter. I mean a few healthy swipes of it and poof, the glitter's broken up and brushed away. 

    I just make sure I always wash, then moisturize my whole hand, then gently towel-wipe my nails again to remove any oils before I re-polish. They sell the 100% stuff at the grocery store here, it was surprisingly cheaper than the other polish removers. 
  • @MMS the best thing for glitter polish is to hold a remover-soaked cotton pad against your nail with some tin foil for about 10 minutes. It soaks it right off. 
  • @MMS  as the other ladies said, use Acetone remover for the glitter.  I agree with @thecripplecricket across the board I use acetone for any color. I often follow it up with some non-acetone remover because some of the super glitter or saturated shades seem to be a bit messy (could just be me)...

    I am also wearing green undies, so I'd better not get pinched today.
  • Very pretty!
  • Oh me likey @bitingpanda ! Loves it. 
  • @bitingpanda LOVE! Happy Saint Pat's!

    @travelingdesign I am -way- too lazy to buy or use or hunt down in my bathroom a whole second remover, so I just use fresh cotton balls and a heavy cream because finding two bottles is too much! (okay admittedly, most of my polishes and the remover and possibly a few errant cotton balls live a sort of gypsy lifestyle they learned from my paperbacks, traveling from bathrooms to livingroom to the kitchen to wherever and sometimes living there like squatters next to televisions, computers, blenders for... well, till the inlaws visit.) 

    So I just got my first fancy julep polishes (anisa and cody) in the mail and signed up for their maven boxes as a little monthly splurge for myself, does anyone else do these? I'm super overstimulated!
  • @cripplecricket My type A overly organized personality....I have a drawer in the table next to where I sit in the living room dedicated to just my nail supplies and a Pinterest win with the thrift-store-spice-rack-turned-to-nail-polish-shelves that's in my bathroom. I'm quite...methodical, shall we say, about these things. 

    And I've never heard of Julep/Maven done started something....! 
  • Ruby Wing is my favorite warm weather polish.

    They change (dramtically) in sunlight. So fun!!
  • @travelingdesign Let me get a month or so into it and I'll do a spot-assessment, see if it's worth the $$

    I'm a little concerned that I was, perhaps, mildly intoxicated when I filled out my 'profile style' thing and am now getting the 'trendy' welcome box, as opposed to one of the other styles like classic or boho or dramatic or something. I filled out the profile two weeks ago when I ordered two polishes normally through them to assess their packaging and how long it took to arrive sorts of things (I live in a weird, weird region and how well a place delivers and how drop/heat/snake proof packaging is is sort of a big deal for me) 

    The julep box they arrived in was supernice, though. And shipping was free, so already a win! 

    The maven boxes apparently sometimes include makeup stuff, which I'm a little dubious about. I think it'll let me change my style profile thing on a whim once the welcome box is sent, but I might have to email and admit I'm super not a trendy gal and sort of just waver between 'I'm not bohemian but I tend to like bright earthy colors and the World Market store a little more than is perhaps good for my budget' and 'just a simple shade of not-neon to go with my basic stuff, okay? I don't really wanna look like the youngs, yaknow? Get off my lawn!' 
  • Thanks for all the great glitter removal tips!

    I love Julep - but I am a sucker for '___ of the month club' deals!!! 

  • Do you guys put any basecoat under your Julep/Butter/fancy random bad chemical-free polishes? I've noticed it tends to be weird and goopysmoosh (technical term of the day) when I put it over my clear basecoats from other places (opi or essie), and I've heard this is because they're two different formulas. But what -should- I use?

    My standby essie polishes I never bothered with topcoats either, should I with these? They're seeming to chip a little easier for me than normal, but I hear such good things and like @mms, I'm a huge fan of the 'of the month' thing, so I'm willing to splurge if there's a system of base/top products I just am not using yet. 
  • @BitingPanda, love the green mani!
    When I do my toes, I use Seche Vite top coat- really helps to ensure long life.
  • I always want to have pretty nails, but my nails are too brittle to bother in the winter, and spring-late fall I'm either in my garden or working on my friends' farm, so it almost never seems like it's worth the bother.

    My nail polish collection consists almost entirely of various blacks and deep teals produced by OPI and essie. It might not be hugely fashion forward, but at least they go with everything I own.

  • When I do my toes, I use Seche Vite top coat- really helps to ensure long life.

    While i typically am too slapdash when I do my own nails (my polished come to the little inexpensive salon) I have use and wholy support the Seche Vite line of products!
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