What is making you Happy today?

Big or small, let's celebration the good stuff.

I hadn't been to the gym since Friday and it was starting to wear on my. Made it to the gym this morning and I feel great! I really needed the endorphins!

So tell me, what's making you happy today?


  • Tea, earl grey, hot. I'm on my second cup and it's been making this shitty day manageable.
  • Last night, I fit into a dress I haven't been able to zip up in about 8 years. It's not really my style anymore, so it's going to be donated to charity, but I think it's time to go shopping. 
  • It's the collection day for the twice yearly Sea Scouts jumble sale. Which means I am getting to offload a huge amount of clutter.
  • I had three days in a row with good runs, with a sub-10 minute pace with each of them. No runners high but I was still very happy at the end of each of them.
  • I took some unused Honey Baked Ham gift cards and bought 5 hams and a turkey for a local food bank. I've been planning to do it for ages and finally got it done!
  • @Rainwood - That is awesome!

    I'm having tummy issues today so I'm happy that I have yogurt cause it's all I can stand to eat.
  • rainwood said:
    I took some unused Honey Baked Ham gift cards and bought 5 hams and a turkey for a local food bank. I've been planning to do it for ages and finally got it done!

    Mmmmm ham........
  • I have been struggling with an issue in my life for the past year. Last week, after having a bit of an emotional breakdown, I decided to a) make an appointment to talk to a therapist, and b) start making a list of things that I want to accomplish. The list includes things like start painting again, start each day with yoga, read the stack of books that has been sitting on my bedside table FOREVER, take an aerial acrobatics class, etc. There is more than that, but when I really thought about the items on the list, most had a creative bent, and I realized that because of the other issue in my life, those things that truly bring me joy - being creative - were the things that I had put on hold. I felt like I lost my creativity in a way. Just coming to that realization was HUGE for me, and I sat down with my kids over the weekend and painted a picture - the first time I have done it in a loooong time. I also started my morning yoga AND started reading two of the books on my to read list.

    After talking to the therapist yesterday, it helped me to see things from another angle than how I have been looking at them, and she told me "your depression is short term - you've just mentioned that you have several support systems in place, you have a family that you love, you have other things that are positive." Just hearing someone say those things to me was such a HUGE help. It woke something up in me. Today, for the first time in a long time, I didn't wake up dreading my day. I realize that what I'm going through IS temporary, and that makes me happier than I have felt in a long time.
  • @merciblahblah   Congratulations!  That must feel so good. 
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    merciblahblah - So happy for you! That is good news!
  • @merciblahblah ; What a great breakthrough! Good for you!
  • I'm happy that it is a state holiday today and that means traffic isn't so bad. 
  • @Milaxx - great thread! Thanks for starting it!
    @merciblahblah - Kudos for talking with therapist. Sometimes it takes bouncing things off a neutral, trusted person to gain clarity and focus on our lives. I love all your creative pursuits- keep enriching that side of yourself.
    I'm very thankful today. I ran to Kohls last week to try on a few things; while in the dressing room, I removed a bracelet I was wearing to better slip on/off some garments. In my haste, I left it in the dressing room. I didn't realize it til yesterday- that's how hectic it's been here. I called the store- someone had turned it in. It wasn't a valuable item, but it held great sentimental value. It is a wooden bead mala bracelet Mr. DM brought back from a working trip to Japan. I usually wear it on my travels since it's non-metallic. Someone kept the good going round!
  • That's wonderful @merciblahblah, so happy for you.

    I'm glad your bracelet was returned to you @Decormaven!
  • I'm happy because I am seeing well again (finally). Last Thursday I had crud lasered off my lens implant, and although it worked as promised--I could see better immediately afterwards--it's been a week of some funky floaters. And now they are negligible. Woohoo!
  • @grumpygirl I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Yeah you!!
  • The #NerdLinkedIn hashtag on twitter had provided me with hours of entertainment.
  • Sounds weird, but I feel my fellow BKs would understand - I saw Lupita on the cover of a book called "Dark Girls" at Barnes and Noble today; it was a big coffee table book about beautiful women with dark skin.   The picture was so gorgeous that a shiver went up my spine - I'm not sure if it was the art of the photo or the great idea for a book or both.
  • I own that book. I also have a book called Vintage Black Glamour. Pages upon pages of beautiful brown folks.  
  • My friend hosts a scavenger hunt to celebrate her birthday. She puts a lot of effort into it and has prizes for the winning team. We are in Los Angeles so she picks a different city; this year was West Hollywood (she's done Santa Monica, Long Beach, Venice, and Downtown LA). SO MUCH FUN!

    She creates the teams and gives us a two-page list of items, information, and pictures we have to gather. My team won this year and it was a blast. It's great to spend time with good people doing fun things.
  • That scavenger hunt sounds brilliant! What a great idea!

    Today this is making me happy:
  • It's a four-day week this week. I'll be a lot happier on Thursday morning, but something to look forward to. 
  • Watch Rupaul Drag Race at lunch break. It helps me to get through the working hours.
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    An old song that was great for getting going this morning (Nappy Roots, "Good Day"):

  • Pafuchi - that sounds like fun! @FoodycatAlicia - those are cuties!
    @formerlyAnon - the local FOX am news affiliate uses this as their theme song. Thankfully the local am affiliate is not as obnoxious as the rest of FOX news.
  • I saw a bit of Fleming on Netflix recently (about Ian Fleming), and I so loved the rich royal blue of his living room that I painted mine that color this past weekend.  I seem to be going through a Blue Period color-wise, which, ironically, makes me happy!
  • One of my kids stayed home sick from school today, and I was dreading a long day of mopping up vomit. But instead, after an hour long nap, she woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So we went up to the mall and I spent too much money on Shopkins and frozen yogourt and she was the happiest little girl in all of Christendom.

    Oh, and I had two packages I've been waiting for show up in the mail (the case for my new phone and my most recent Indigo order), so that was nice, too.
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    That scavenger hunt sounds brilliant! What a great idea!

    This is page one of the list. The second page had not only items and info but also pictures we had to take. Example: a picture of two team members with any animal, other than a dog (hard to do) and/or a pic of a team member with a stranger who is wearing a coffee cup sleeve on their head (much easier).

    She also gives us photos of four places that we have to identify and then go recreate the pic. It could be a particular park bench that you have to frame the same way and then have the whole team in the picture. 

    So much fun!

    ETA: I can't get the picture to load. It's public viewing on Flickr but the image isn't visible. Anyone know why I'm having trouble?
  • I can see the image when I click on it, but to get the image uploader to recognise that it's an image, the URL has to be .gif or .jpg as far as I know.
  • Thank you!
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