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I'm prego for the first time. I'm miserably sick (usually starting around 4 pm, who the hell decided to call it morning sickness? And my OBGYN, who I love, told me I had mild morning sickness and I wanted to punch him in the face. To quote Rachel Green, "No uterus, no opinion.") Wow, got off track there. Anyway, I don't blame baby obviously and I have been researching absolutely everything to make sure I'm keeping baby healthy.
One thing I can't find is whether or not skin care affects the baby's health. Is it absorbed far enough to cause a reaction? I don't think so but I also feel like I shouldn't be using Retin-A. Thoughts? Answers? Anybody?


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    Girrrrllll, I can't help you here. Maybe a dermatologist could? Treat yourself to a massage & or facial when you feel better, which I hope is very soon  :(

    ETA: Congrats tho!!!

  • @DrSparkles my sister in law is a masseuse and I can get massages starting next week. She's great and pregnancy massage is one of her specialities. Dermatologist is a good idea! I'm most likely going to get melasma anyway (runs in the family) so I should see one. I think my esthetician's office has one.
  • Hello Maggie,

    Since Retinol A is a form of vitamin A, you may need to proceed with caution (too much vitamin A isn't good for your baby). Here is a great site for more information:

    The info sheet about acne discusses retinol drugs. Of course none of this replaces your Doctor's advice!

    Good luck and hope you feel better!
  • Congrats on your pregnancy.

    Many women find that maternity vitamins do wonders for hair skin and nails.

    Yes topical creams can be taken up by the body, including cortisone and antihistamine creams.

  • I've heard that Palmer's Cocoa Butter is great, I've heard some celebrities swear by it. I have no experience using it myself but my husband uses pure cocoa butter so his lips wont crack in the cold and it works very well for him.

    Congrats on your baby!
  • I seem to recall my skin responded well to OCM during my last pregnancy. Motherisk offers free, evidence-based information to pregnant ladies, if you want to call their helpline (it's toll-free) and ask about rentinol.
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