Tj maxx Offerings plus size and other fashions.

I dont normally buy clothes at TJ maxx because, in a nutshell, they are either too expensive, too young, too old or stupid looking, or something I wouldn't wear if it were free. I have until recently griped about the fact that thier plus sizes were very, very stingy,(think 3 plus size items, to an entire rack of  S-M-L sizes. I have always pictured the buyer for TJ maxx as some 23 year old moron who has no clue as to what older woman wear, plus size woman wear or what woman really want. Some CEOs niece. Anyway, I have noticed that recently the move to whole racks of plus sizes(up to 3x) has been a boon to people like myself. Did the previously clueless buyer, get fired or mabye she went on to be a Justin Beiber band follower..who knows. What are everyones thoughts on TJ Maxx and the fashions they offer?
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