any one used the BKs on a resume?

I am very much job hunting. I was just filling out a resume (not realizing it was a 'upscale' place (have never heard of it but...) one of the (unexpected) questions was 'what fashion blogs/sites do you read'?) so the first one that came to mind was the BKs!!! LOL I have no idea about the job but....

So, has anyone found 'uses' for the (fellow) BKs?

Just Curious


  • Ha, at first I thought your question was about using fellow BKs as a reference. 

    The jobs I've applied to aren't creative enough to ask that kind of a question, but I would love to encounter it one day! 
  • well I am (basically) a big fat slob (who just happens to be gay) so....
  • Yeah - I had an interview for an editorial assistant role and they asked which fashion mags and blog I read. Didn't get the job (because I wasn't familiar enough with the company).
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