Curly Kittens Unite!

Ladies, let's talk curly hair.  I have fine 3B hair, that reaches my mid back.  I'm getting so sick of it!  I booked an appointment to get a DevaCut this Saturday, and I'm tempted to have them hack it to my collarbone.  Have any of you spiral-tressed lasses had a DevaCut?  Experiences?  Also, let's talk color.  I used to have the cliche brown-blonde's grown out of the years and is almost all the way gone.  I had a few peekaboo highlights added, but they're so sporadic and hidden, they almost look like a mistake.  I'm wildly tempted to color my hair one shade (a la Amal Clooney) but I worry about losing dimension.  What have you found that works?  


  • I haven't had a DevaCut, but I have friends who have, and the reviews are mixed.  Some love it, some hate it. 

    I can't really speak to styling curly hair as I haven't worn mine in it's natural curly state since college.  
  • Actually already have a thread going with some good tips :)

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    @HellsBellsTrudy, how did your Deva cut go? I found a local salon that does them and had a consultation yesterday. Couldn't get an appointment until the end of June!
  • I've currently got a Deva Cut and it looks better after it's grown out a bit; IOW, it looks better after the first week.  It doesn't however, look any better than it did when Peter, my beloved Italian stylist, cut it.  In fact, with Peter, I didn't have that awkward first week.  I'd go back to Peter in a heartbeat, but he's no longer at the salon he ran. I avoided the salon for a while because Peter's son gave me a really bad cut.  Some of the hair on top of my head was cut really short (like an inch.)  If I can't find my dear Peter again, I'll go back to my Deva stylist.  She's not bad and it's better than going to someone who can't cut my hair decently.  At 60 years old, I've suffered through too many bad haircuts!
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    @saraleigh It was great! I loved it.  I thought I had decent curls before, but the cut exceeded all expectations.  I'm trying to attach a photo...

    ETA:  I can't figure out how to insert a photo into the body of this post, but here is a link
  • Wow! That looks fantastic!

    @Munchkin, I'm a little older than you and can relate to the bad haircuts. I'm optimistic about my future Deva cut; I think the dry cutting will make a huge difference in the final result. I've been with my stylist for well over 20 years, so it's difficult to make the change. We'll see if I make this a permanent change, but I'm optimistic.
  • I'm torn between scheduling a Deva cut rightthisminute and waiting until it's longer, because it's already shorter than I would prefer. There's a salon in town where every stylist is Deva and CG trained and it has excellent reviews, so at least I know I'll be in good hands when I finally bite the bullet.
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