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    @foodycatAlicia No, I wasn't!  Didn't even see it over there.  @Tom Thanks so much!

    KinoEye Chai is half lynx point Siamese (good call!) and half domestic shorthair.image
  • @kimmeister that is such a great picture! Apparently you weren't planning to pack without permission?
  • @foodycatAlicia Packing (and unpacking) is SO hard with them around!  They never met a box or bag they didn't want to crawl into immediately.  Or a crockpot, as you can see from my avatar.
  • @kimmeister  It's the classic, "if I fits, I sits."  Half Siamese...that crying must be REALLY loud.  

    My guy hates to see the suitcase.  I used to do business travel so he knows what it means.

  • @kimmeister  Thanks for posting this funny and sweet pic; they’ve beautiful.  Rubi really seems to know how to work a lens — there’s that engaged expression again!  (More likely, she has so much love for the photographer that it radiates right on through our computer screens.)

    @allie07  Thinking of you and your beloved boy today…this week must’ve been a tough one.

    To EVERYONE:  Trying to restrain myself from commenting too much.  So I’ll just say now that I’ve enjoyed looking at every touching photo — several times! — and your pets are all smoochably adorable.  Can’t wait to see even more pets, and more pics of those we’ve already met.

  • @KinoEye Thank you!  I picked up his ashes yesterday and that made me feel a little better.   I'm sure our BK fur babies are having a blast and being fabulous!  One day maybe they'll let us in on the fun.

    @SingingPhoenixD awww what a cutie pie!

    @housefulofboys They are adorable!

  • @Winter_White Thank you!  It's been a long week and I miss my sweet little cuddle bug. 

  • @Lumen Not sure if anyone has mentioned, but your furry invincible friend is also gorgeous!!!
  • Love looking at all the sweetness. Head scratches for all of them!

    This is LeeLoo. She hates me and pretty much everything and eveyone but I adore her anyway. She figured out a long time ago that she looks her best right in the middle of my white linens.  K.

  • I needed a laugh so here is a picture of a time I put a bow on Speedy's cute little head.  He was annoyed.  No bows for my kitty.


    @KAlyceRose She's so pretty and smart too :) !
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    @alli07  Thanks!  He knows it too.  His felinity is currently basking in the warm air blowing through a heat duct.

    You're a brave woman to put a bow on a kitty's head.  I did a Santa hat on Sunny once.  He was not amused.
  • lundibleu said:
    @Zoeg @KinoEye @Twigg - I do like ginger cats, or marmalade cats as I've seen them called occasionally. I can't remember the reasons why, but ginger females are more rare, but it is ginger females that tend to have tortoiseshell kittens. 
    My dear beloved Juice was a ginger female. Stormie i pictured in my avatar. I'll post better pics of both this weekend sometime.
  • SingingPhoenixD - Stormie has the same pet mouse. 
  • @KAlyceRose LeeLoo is gorgeous, even if she does hate everyone!
  • @allie07 thanks - she's too smart. She has me wrapped right around her polydactyl paw. I'm jealous that you can dress up Speedy. He's adorable.

    @foodycatAlicia - thank you. I'll admit that she does like me when I'm asleep. And vulnerable. :)  Urchin is amazing! I could watch videos of her playing with the hose for days. Love.
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    Everyone's pets are adorable!  I love looking at pictures of people's babies.  :3  I thought it would be fitting if my first post here was introducing my pets.  I have a few though, so I'll just start with a couple.

    This is my cat Kiwi.  I'm a substitute teacher, and last May I went on a field trip and found this tiny feral kitten.  She was only five weeks old, and as you can see from the first picture, she fit inside my totally normal-sized hand.  Now she's almost grown, and she's good friends with Cassie, my Shar Pei/pit bull/pointer mix!



    I also have another dog and cat, but I'll save them for another post so I don't take up too much room!
  • Holy cow harlowish! You totally made my day with that picture of baby Kiwi in your hand. Cuteness overload!
  • So many cute pets!  This thread makes me smile.  Keep 'em coming.

    @harlowish ; Welcome!  Terrific first post.
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    This is Jasper, one of my boys. He was supposed to be a cockapoo, but there's not a shred of poo in him (so to speak). He also was supposed to be a small dog; he weighs in at 50 pounds. 
    This is his brother Maxim. A sweeter schnauzer never has lived.
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    A pooch (Boo-boo) and a kitty (Pia).  The kitty looks happy, but don't let it fool you.  We forced her to be a temporarily indoor kitty due to  cat fight related foot injury and vet visit, and she was positively miserable. 
  • @Gemfemme and @Zoeg -  thank you!

    Here are my dogs on their birthdays!  Cassie is three years old now and Millie (the Pekingese mix) is four.



    I got Cassie from a shelter about two and a half years ago.  (She's also a former Dog Shaming subject.)  Millie was another one I rescued while teaching.  She ran onto the campus where I was one afternoon about two years ago.  No student claimed her, and she turned out to have been badly injured.  The vet said she most likely was attacked by a larger dog.  She had two wounds on her stomach and three on her back, one so deep it almost severed her spine.  But she recovered well, and now she's the princess!
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    This is Bingley. He loves people, people's feet, and food. But more than all of these things, he loves carbohydrates. He loses his mind if bread/waffles/pancakes are being made or consumed, and he's an extremely loud and vocal cat. He's about 8.5 years old. My dad picked him out for me at a shelter before I moved across the country for grad school--initially, Bing belonged to a small office supply store, but he kept fleeing out the door every time it opened, so they felt they had to give him up. He has had two near-death experiences (fatty liver disease and a Perineal Urethrostomy) but has healed up nicely (and expensively). In addition to his other charms, he's a really good car traveler, which is great, as he's criss-crossed the country with me over a dozen times. I really don't think I would have made it through grad school without him! 


    And, he looks great in a bow tie. :)

    I loved seeing everyone's pets! This thread will be the place to come on bad days. Instant cheerer-upper!
  • Shay, the Gandhi Dog, and Sweet, looking suspiciously earnest. Addicted to greyhounds, though I've discovered that two are enough.
  • @smh4748 - Bingley looks so distinguished!  Those eyes!  He is absolutely gorgeous.

    @Jasmine_Hamzaton - Greyhounds are such beautiful dogs!  I've read about how they're treated in Australia and it made me want one.  It's funny; I always feel like one of my dogs is slim and muscular and long-legged, but then I take her to the dog park and see her next to a greyhound and she just looks small and soft.
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    Beany- He's 13 years old. This photo was last summer. He's currently hibernating. 
  • image

    This is our sneaky boy Simba. He's a 16 year old Abyssinian who acts like a kitten.
  • @SarahIvy Bowties/?!? Bowties?!?!?! 8D
    @Mopsītis pug?!!? PUG?!!?!?
    @foodycatAlicia your cat is MAJESTIC

    okay, my turn. Here's a pic of my mom's cats, Ice Cream Cone and Princess Cupcake:


    also, Riley the wonderdog:


    He's a ChiPom.

    and for good measure:

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    These are so fantastic.  I think maybe I'll just bookmark this thread for when I'm having a shit day.  Here's my contribution, one of my favorite pics of my pit bull, Greta.  She's about 7 but still young at heart :)   Hope embedding from flickr works

    Edited to say:  Welp I've tried about 8 different ways to embed from flickr and none worked, so if anyone's had success with that, please enlighten me.  In the meantime, here's the link to my photo:
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    I made my dog Grace my profile pic in the BK forum. I think she's a transgendered dog, she pees with her leg up and humps other dogs (which I know Is about dominance above all.). I've had cats in my life too, love both.
  • @jilly - I love pit bulls!  Their smiles are so big and happy!  My pit mix loves playing with other animals (really any kind), and Greta looks almost exactly like Cassie's best friend at the dog park.

    This is my final pet, Coco.  We got her to be a companion to Kiwi, and now they're best buddies.  Coco was the runt (the rest of her litter was also at the shelter and she was half the size of her siblings) but now she's huge!  She's bigger than Kiwi even though she's a month younger.  One thing I've learned since getting her is how hard it is to take a good picture of a black cat, but this is a nice one that captured her being precious.

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