Love My College Football!

BYU's hail mary against Nebraska with 1 second left was great!
Temple beating Penn State for the first time since 1941!

This is why we play the game!


  • I live close to Boston College, and the noisiest it gets around here is on home game days. I don't really care much about football but  it is nice when BC wins.
  • Who is your team @GeoDiva? I'm hoping for good things this year from my Gators!
  • My alma mater, the University of Maryland (also known locally as the University of Under Armour) is starting its second season in the Big Ten. 
  • I went to a D-III school with a crappy football team, so no joy there.  Mr. C went to Penn, which is good within the Ivy League, but hardly a national powerhouse.  Neither of us are inclined to root for Rutgers, which is the biggest college football program near us. 

    I do work with a bunch of people who went to Temple, who are very, very happy this evening.  My cousin's wife who went to Penn State, probably less so.  Her Michigan-rooting husband is doubtless trying to conceal his schadenfreude.
  • Who is your team @GeoDiva? I'm hoping for good things this year from my Gators!

    I went to UNLV, so not exactly a football powerhouse. My daughters go to Clemson and Temple, so we follow those teams. Based on where we haved lived before, we also cheer for ASU, Hawaii, & Iowa. The biggest thing is that we hate Notre Dame.
  • My undergrad university did not have a football team, but I grew up in a UCLA household. Then my sister went to USC. That's the big rivalry in Southern California. She and my dad always had a $1 bet on the UCLA/USC game every year (my dad had season tickets to the UCLA games for years, even during the interlude when he worked at USC). Since my dad died, my mom has continued the annual bet tradition with her.

    I live in Bear country (UC Berkeley) and I enjoy taking my kids to occasional games. We have not yet been to a game they won. My brother and one of my nephews are University of Washington alums so I follow the Huskies and one of my nieces just started at Boise State in Idaho, so I'll have to check out her team, too.

    I am a pretty casual fan, but I like going to games (Cal's new stadium is pretty nice even if it was a huge waste of money and the team sucks) and I like having jokey rivalries with the relatives. I find college ball more interesting than pro football.
  • I adore watching college football, but mostly when I don't care who wins (which might not make any sense). I'm in SEC country though, so I'm starting to have opinions despite myself (i.e. I'm always glad when Alabama loses). 
  • Well this week is mostly cupcake games, but there are a couple of interesting matchups. Best one is two Top 10 teams in Oregon vs Michigan State playing.
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