Adele: 21 to 25

God, I loved that first CD & it sounds like she's bringing it again! HELLO!!!

I would sell my very soul for a tix to the RCMH concert. I've got the Royal Albert Hall DVD & it is so epic.


  • @drsparkles 25 cannot come out soon enough.  I have the Royal Albert Hall DVD as well.  Very few artists sound as good, if not better, live. 
  • I did read this will the last 'numbered' album (CD) tho....
  • Hmmm. I know @Traveling Design, her checkiness was so fun too!!
  • @drsparkles There is a really good Rolling Stone article about her right now. I love that she seems to really "get" being a star, and how easily it can get out of hand.  I just admire her across the board.  She's not in it for fame or money.  

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    I like this much better than the actual video for Hello.

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    @KarenFK ;  I love this so much.  Two thoughts:

    1.  What would that FEEL like?!!  To just open your mouth and have that exquisite sound flow out!  Sitting in a crowd of bopping people, just so casual, having fun…and yet in perfect control of your voice.  I get chills.

    2.  Adele, my luv.  Would you please consider NOT giving your next megahit the same title as a radio-saturated song from my past?  Because that song, and not your own, gets stuck in my head and plays over and over forcing me to think of Rod Stewart’s rasp or Lionel Ritchie making lovelorn expressions while a beautiful young woman who happens to be blind sculpts a clay portrait of his face so PLEASE.  thnx

    *pictures Adele reading the above, glaring at my avatar...then marching off to compose her next album's megahit, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

    ETA – That Elton John song has been on a loop in my brain now for the last 2 hrs.  Did it to myself, Adele! :D
  • KarenFK said:
    I like this much better than the actual video for Hello.

    How Jimmy Fallon doesn't lose it cause this is so freaking amazing is beyond me. 
  • I rather like this - no Adele vocals, but combining Hello with a piece of Mozart with surprisingly good results. 

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