The Pets of the Lounge

This is my Maine Coon, Urchin.


  • My 13 year old puppy, with buttons I made him out of Reese's wrappers.

  • And my very own fox-eared asshole.

  • Gorgeous! I've heard Maine Coons like water - does Urchin swim?
  • She's never been near a large enough body of water to find out. But she loves water - playing with the hose in summer is one of her favourite things. There's a bit of video of it:

  • This is our soppy great lump of a german shepherd. We've had him since he was about 18 months, and he's now 10. He's a lone pet now, after losing both our elderly cats last year. 

  • He's lovely! I love German Shepherd ears - I always want to stroke them.
  • image

    This is my yorkie, Lillipup, who is almost a year old. For some reason her favorite place to cuddle up in bed is by sitting on my chest between me and whatever I'm reading (if she's not blatantly trying to sit on my face, the little weirdo). She's named after a pokemon that looks a lot like her. 

  • This is my 11-year-old Schipperke, Sprocket-the-Wondar-Dog (a/k/a Sprock); he loves the snow!image

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    Oh, dear. You asked for pet pictures.  

    imageGracie, queen of the house. Almost a year old, and we think she is at least part Bengal. She loves yogurt, beer, and anything else you happen to be eating or drinking at the time.

    imageChuck, Gracie's boyfriend and rambling man. If he were a human, he would be a giant ginger who goes out to party at night, sleeps all day, and isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. 

    imageCalvin, my number one man. A golden retriever/collie/German Shepard blend, he's been there for me for the past 8 years, helping me through breakups, graduations, moves, job upheaval, grief -- you name it. A big goofball who's been all over the great state of Texas with me. 

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    What great animal companions you all have - handsome and accomplished, no doubt!  Here is a picture of Nick and Charles, rescue half Maine Coon cats extraordinaire.  (My apologies if this doesn't work, but I think I just pasted in a picture.... or not!  Can someone tell me how to do this?  I don't have a url for my cat pictures!  Looks like KinoEye has the same problem.

    Help us, Bitter Kittens.  You're our only hope!

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    @Shibori_Girl, I think I figured it out! I was linking from PhotoBucket and was using the wrong URL -- if you're doing the same thing, use the direct URL instead of the IMG link. Or, problem could be that the photo insert automatically enters http:// before you even put in a link. Maybe it's doubling, and then the address isn't read correctly? 
  • So you can't upload directly from your computer?

    Well, I have a 10 year old stripy cat named Sam. Or Sammy, Samster, or Little Sammy Sunshine. He can also be an asshole, but we won't tell him that! He's a cutie though!

  • Hi Kinoeye,  I am trying to upload photos directly from my computer....which per mom2ajs5 may not be possible.  Sigh!  
  • You need to upload them to something like photobucket first. If you don't have that sort of account, you can email them to me and I'll upload them to mine?
  • GSDs and border collies do have wonderfully strokable ears, don't they.  So lovely to see everyone's animals, love the picture of Calvin with his tie on!
  • Tank you, foodycatAlicia.  In an effort to be less of a luddite,I am going to figure out the photo bucket option.  Learning is good!
  • @lundibleu That is the Christmas tie, which he is required to wear for at least one silly picture at Christmastime. He seems to like it, but it's not long before he decides to pull it off. Loving your German, too. Such a handsome fellow.
  • (Tumblr is also fairly easy to use as an image server) 
  • Here are the four cats that live with my parents:

    imageThe top left one is mine, but she can't live with me. Her name is Sunny and she's almost 18 years old. They sleep in a pile all day long.
  • @Twigg ;  So adorable!  I've always been a sucker for an orange cat.  I have an all orange female too.  I was told once that all orange females are unusual, that that coloring is almost always a male cat.  I don't know if that is true.  It looks like Sunny is another all orange female.
  • @Zoeg I've always noticed the orange cats I've met are almost always male. Maybe it's the same kind of thing that goes on with calicoes -- they're usually female, and if they're male, they're sterile?

    @Twigg Too many ginger babies. Cute overload. Cannot compute. 
  • If you're having trouble posting pictures, you can post them to a private album on Facebook. Then click on the picture in Facebook, right click on it, and go to properties. They're should be a Url there that you can copy and paste into here. Be sure to use the picture link above to paste it in.

    Moar animalz!
  • @KinoEye ; Well I know my ginger (thanks for that term...I like it better than orange) isn't sterile.  The rescue group I adopted her from said she had a litter of kittens, and they also used her as a foster mom for some abandoned newborn kittens they had.
  • @Zoeg Thanks! Three of them are girls. The one in the top right is the only boy. 

    @KinoEye Thank you!
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    Okay, I hope you are about to see Nick and Nora Charles.  Nick is wearing a dark cat suit, and Nora has on a lighter one.

    They look innocent, don't they?  Nick is a lotta cat - plenty personality.  Nora is just sweet.


    Hah!  Got it (except for the size...working on it)

  • Are orange cats uniformly sweet and wonderful?
  • Oh I love this. Your pets are absolutely precious!

    This here is Poh, he's a Bengal:


    My very best friend, lol. I tend to call him my familiar because he follows me everywhere. He gets very pissed off when I close the bathroom door for some privacy, lol. Anyway, he's 3.5 years old and a real rascal - he's had his fair share of tough life experiences for is 3.5 years. He fell from one of our apartment's windows in 2013, and we were at 4 high. He didn't break anything, remarkably, but had ruptured his bladder. After a week on intensive care he recovered well enough to come back home. Then early 2014 we moved him all the way from The Netherlands to Perth, Australia, which was an intense experience for him, too, as he had to go into quarantine for a 10 days, and he hated the flights. And then there was the heat he had to get used to...

    Anyway, he's the sweetest cat anyone could wish for and I feel incredibly lucky he's mine, even if he's accident-prone! ^_^ Just look at that face!
  • image
    Sienna, my seven-month-old puppy. Biggest attention seeker and drama queen I know. I love her to death.
  • @Zoeg @KinoEye @Twigg - I do like ginger cats, or marmalade cats as I've seen them called occasionally. I can't remember the reasons why, but ginger females are more rare, but it is ginger females that tend to have tortoiseshell kittens. 
  • My (extremely limited, happy to be corrected) understanding is that the same genes for colour express as tortoiseshell in females and ginger in males BUT those are not the only genes for those colours.
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