Best Birthday Cake - GO

So my husband's bday is next week, and I'm debating his cake. I have a cake board on Pinterest, and have a backup plan (key lime cake with lime curd and white chocolate coconut frosting), but thought I'd throw this out to my fellow BKs.

What is your favorite from-scratch cake (with recipe please)? Thanks mucho!!



  • This isn't a huge, impressive-looking cake or anything, but Smitten Kitchen's red wine chocolate cake is my favourite:

    I just love it. Also, I was just catching up on a couple of threads and saw that it was your birthday a few days ago so happy belated birthday. Hope it was a good one!
  • Well thank you for the birthday wishes, first of all!

    It's funny and ironic, because three times in the last month, I made a red wine chocolate cake for various events (my kids call it Alcohol Cake). Not the same recipe, but just funny that that's the one you shared. I'll have to check out smittenkitchen's recipe. Thanks for sharing!
  • My favourite cakes are made by other people, and I LOVE the idea of key lime cake!
  • My favorite kind of cake or cupcake is chocolate with vanilla frosting. 

    I don't have a recipe to share personally (I dont generally bake) but Key lime cake (or pie) sounds awesome.

    Now I want a cupcake. Maybe I'll take a ride over to the palce that we got our cupcakes from for our wedding and see what they've got ;) 
  • a key lime WITH real key lime (and no food coloring)
  • Is he a chocoholic? My mother made a chocolate cake with whipped cream in the middle and chocolate fudge ice cream that was INSANE.

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