any artists?

Thought I would toss this out there to the artistic BKs (and I know you are out there!)- for quite a few years I have had in mind a tattoo I want, but can't find the design.

What I want is a drawing of a 'bear fairy'- a bear (teddy bear?) with...fairie (however you imagine them) wings...anyone got any sketch ideas? would *LOVE* to see them (I have no tats) but this has been percolating in my brain for 20-30 has a myriad of meanings for me. A small bear?

it would need to be something not horrible complex (so a tat could be made of it)

thanks (in advance)


  • I would also suggest that you start looking around for a tattoo artist that you like and go to them with your idea. This way they can draw something up for you that they know they can execute properly. A good tattooist is an artist first and foremost the medium they work in is all that is different (skin and ink vs. pen and paper) My daughter is an artist and drew up what she wanted for her first tattoo. Then she started researching tattoo artists and found one she felt comfortable with and liked his work. She sent her drawings to him and he worked with her ideas and redid them in a way that he knew he could do properly. The tat turned out fabulous! She found him through his instagram account. I've even stopped people on the street if I see a tat that I like the style of and asked who did it for them.
  • thanks @Beth, I never even thought about that...

    I guess I just thought of a tattoo person as just a 'machine' but you have a very good point... I have several heavily tattooed friends I can ask (we kid that one guy goes to the tattoo guy instead of the therapist (he has a back tattoo he has been working on for...a decade?) so...
  • Last tattoo I got, there was a new apprentice in the studio. My tattooist had him drawing row after row of stars, until he could get every one even and exact - it wasn't for another 6 months plus that he was allowed to start tattooing people! The good ones are proper artists.
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