The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up



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    ^^^ That set doesn't include outerwear, but I only have two dressier winter coats anyway. It also doesn't have the shoes, etc on it, but you could add if you wanted. Polyvore has so many options, it's fairly easy to find something close to what you have or want.
  • Wow Tracy Flick, that is pretty involved and amazingly complicated.  

    My usual rule is "would I buy this today at a thrift store?" and if the answer is no, I give it away.  Makes things pretty easy. :-)
  • @Tracy_Flick

    WOW! Thank you so much. I'm a very visual person, so seeing this laid out with the little images is a beautiful concept for me. Thank you for the work of putting together this answer. It's really a wonderful approach for the right person. I can see how it might not be for everyone, but it's very appealing to me. My wardrobe has been hit or miss all my life, and I've always admired women who had that certain flair of looking 'put together'. It's a project, but I think this could really be fun at the same time. This can be my mantra: It's An Idea Whose Time Has Come!
  • I felt the same way - VERY hit or miss!

    My process was pretty detailed, because I'm obsessive like that, but it's been very effective.

  • @Tracy_Flick Awesome explanation!
  • I have to say a good piece of advice I've gotten was "don't move it twice". Meaning....don't pick up something only to move it out of the way, or plop something down arbitrarily...go put it where it belongs.  

    I also adhere to the sound advice of Mary Poppins 'a place for everything, and everything in its place'.  Which makes 'don't move it twice' a bit easier.  I also have a two story house, so I have a basket for each floor and use that for the little crap that seems to need to go up or downstairs...and switch and empty them once a day.  

    (full disclaimer: i am single with 2 dogs, so these 2 concepts are much easier for me to follow--though I would say my house doesn't usually fall under the banner of 'tidy')

    Cosigning with the other kittens who wear what they love and discard the rest.  I think the capsule collection is a brilliant idea, but I am an avid dress wearer....  But I have taken that idea into consideration when buying new clothes. It makes sense that most of what you own should coordinate for maximum use of the entire wardrobe. 
  • I just found this thread so sorry to be late for the party.

    I have a similar philosophy to Mary Kondo.  I pare down my clothing in spring and fall, and usually use the rule of, "has it been over a year since I've worn this?"  If yes, it gets eliminated.  Now I will keep things that I love, like special dresses.  
    I don't have a lot of clothing, or space in my condo so, I enjoy purging things and reducing clutter.

    I will go through papers and mail, every 2 months and throw stuff out.
    I do follow some of Fly Lady's principles e.g. clean sink is the center of your universe.
    I also open my mail or try to open my mail over the recycling bin so if its not needed it's thrown out. 
  • Ok, I finally got this ebook in the library queue and I really love it.  My only crux is that almost none of my t-shirts bring me joy, but they are functional, like a uniform, and I wear them every day.  So I suppose I have to adapt my way of thinking about my clothes.  I plan on going over the book a few times because I enjoy her story of how she got to this method, but also because I need to look carefully at the actual methodology parts in order to commit them to memory.

    I think I will buy a physical copy of this to go over and share with family.  I haven't started the purge yet, I need a free day that isn't a thousand degrees to do that, but I did start by putting away some of the stuffed toys on my closet shelf away that belong to my nephew so that only my old stuffed animals are left, and I realize that they make me completely emotional.  Who knew?  This purge process should be interesting.
  • I got the book a year or so ago, used the purging aspect, got rid of a lot of stuff even though I had already gotten rid of a ton of stuff when downsizing 3 years ago.  Then about a month ago I gave the book to a friend for his birthday (we had discussed it a few weeks earlier), which motivated me to go back to my copy for the clothing-storage aspect.  So, now I have all my clothes visible at a glance, mostly in drawers.  The bonus is that I discovered some "new" clothes that had been hidden under other clothes before changing the way I folded them.  And because my pared-down clothes take up less space, I have everything stored for access instead of putting seasonal things away elsewhere.
  • BLA's closet rule(s).

    Does it fit? yes? keeep
                     No? put in other closet unless its really tiny or huge- donate

    Is it stained? Yes? maybe in the other closet? or screw it, toss
                        No? keep.

    there you have it!

    Oh, cold weather stuff- other closet
    warm walking shorts, bottom drawer
  • I also did a major purge last month.  I hope to do another culling out once summer is over. My best friends came for a few days in June and we spent a few hours with me purging and them claiming what they wanted.  The rest is off to Goodwill. 
  • I have had terrible luck trying to follow this uncluttering model. I think the next step is a gas can and a lit match.
  • I like stuff.
  • MothraVA said:
    I have had terrible luck trying to follow this uncluttering model. I think the next step is a gas can and a lit match.
    Laughed. Out. Loud.  My studio is the equivalent of that.  Having a creative mind means 700 projects...25 of which are started and maybe 3 that will ever get completed. 
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