Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets



  • My Chemex coffee pot makes the most delicious coffee.  There's not a thing electric about it.

    I'm trying very hard not to buy any new kitchen equipment until I get my kitchen reno accomplished this year.  When it's done though, I do want a kitchen scale and I'd love a Vitamix.  I'd love some of those odd-size measuring cups, too.   (Thanks, Ginny for reminding me!)  I did buy an Eggwich recently, though.  I like to have a egg sandwich for lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesday when my granddaughter is over and this is cheaper and easier than buying Special K Flatbread sandwiches.
  • My absolute favorite kitchen gadget is my Vitamix. It's the best blender in the world (so powerful that it literally blends the seeds in raspberries), and it makes it so easy to make soups. I also got a cast iron pan a couple of years ago, and I rarely cook in anything else. I'm breaking in a cast iron dutch oven so I can get rid of my stainless steel saucepans. 
    I love my Vitamix, too.  When I want to make a sauce or soup creamy without adding cream/butter, I will puree some raw cashews in water to add to the dish.
  • I love my olive pitter. 
  • I'm obsessed with my microplanes, but don't bother with the grate/measure one - the plain ones work the best.  It's astonishing how much they get used even when I'm not in the midst of truffle season.

    I've got a really good stiff whisk I've been into lately.  It's huge, but the wires are stiff enough that it doesn't get bent.  It's American-made and has a pretty copper handle, too.  I'm considering throwing a lot of my other whisks away because I love this one so much.

    Victorinox bread knife - just got it for Christmas and I absolutely swear by it.  I can get 140+ slices out of a baguette, this thing is so sharp, and it leaves almost no crumbs.  It also has an offset handle, so you wont' bang up your knuckles.

    Wooden reamer - the best.  I just can't with any other reamer that doesn't grip citrus like wood does.  I've found glass/plastic/metal ones to be pointless.

    small scoops/dishers with washer thingy - amazing for portioning out truffles.  I have one I've had for over a decade and it's still going strong while others I've bought since broke on the first try

    Kitchen Aid mixer and immersion blender - that stand mixer gets used weekly, and always has since my husband bought it for me 5-6 years ago.  Immersion blender is great for soups

    All-Clad set - I feel bad about even having this, although I love using them.  My husband go it for me on our first wedding anniversary beacuse he was sorry for going throught a mid-life crisis thingy.  For that same anniversary, I bought him a paperback book.  Oops.  I love the high-sided sauce pan and the high-sided pot that I use for caramel-making.  I've kind of wrecked the little frying pan from toasting nuts in it, though.  I guess I'll need to get some Barkeep's Friend for that.

    Olivewood spatula with tapered flat top - the only thing that works for breaking up meat while browning.  Nothing else has a hard/sharp enough edge.

    This thread is reminding me how much I need to go through my drawers and get rid of crap.

  • When I downsized 3 years ago I got rid of items that I could live without.  So, I generally avoid single-use gadgets.  However, I recently got a low-tech veggie spiralizer, and I love it.  Mine is not one of those nifty devices that you lock the veggie into and turn a crank, this is a small space-saving device with an hourglass shape where you turn the veggie into the cone-shaped end and the long spirals come out.  I've made really good fake-out "pasta" out of zucchini and carrots with a good healthy pesto.
  • Has anyone bought/used the 'spiralizers' that are trendy right now? a bit curious (as I reallly really need to eat more veggies)
  • I love mine (see post above yours), it's cheap and space-saving, but does the job.
  • Mine is a different brand (not sure what), but is basically the same design.
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