Truffles and chocolates... nibble or pop 'em?

I splurged and ordered an expensive (for me, anyway) batch of chocolates from Moonstruck Chocolates in Portland OR. They are having a free shipping sale which enticed me - shipping is usually over $20 (cold box with ice packs) for all US states other than Oregon and Washington, which have a $5 shipping rate. Highly recommended, even though the ice packs had melted and a few pieces of chocolates had too, but what can you expect in 90 degree and over heat?

Anyway, my question - do you do like I do and nibble your little nugget of lusciousness to prolong the joy, or do you toss the whole thing in your mouth and chomp away, giving only 10 seconds or so to taste the chocolaty goodness like my husband does? Frankly, that drives me nuts. Savor these delicious morsels!!

BTW, their Summer Fruits (strawberry and peach) and Citrus (key lime and lemon) collections are amazing. Actually, all of the truffle flavors are top notch, with quite a few having liqueur flavored centers. They even have whiskey and craft beer flavors available, which I've not tried.

I think I'll hide the boxes from my husband. These need to be cherished not gobbled!!


  • I'm a nibbler. Unless it's a liqueur centre.
  • I never toss the whole thing in my mouth. What I do is figure out where the top is, then bite halfway down so that the filling is showing. Then I eat as much chocolate as possible from the outside, then I eat the filling, then the last piece of chocolate.

    Don't judge me.  :-D
  • I'm definitely a nibbler.  Good chocolate needs to be savored.
  • Count me as a nibbler, too. Which likely correlates to not likely the ones with the truly liquidy centers. 
  • Chocolate pieces: nibble.

    Truffle: pop & suck (hee), pop & let melt.

  • I try to get 3-4 bites out of a truffle, unless it collapses on the first bite.

    My favorite mail order truffles are from Cocoabella (you can select individual truffles for your box) and Christopher Elbow.  He's my chocolatier inspiration - I'd love nothing more than to apprentice with him for a month.

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    I try to savour. But I'm sure I look like this when I eat chocolate, regardless of where it's from or what kind it is. I love chocolate.

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