Loved Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

I'm not a fan of Shakespeare (even though I was an English major) and I've never read anything by Anne Tyler, but I just finished Vinegar Girl and loved it. It's a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew, and Kate, the hero of the story is grumpy, uncooperative, and wonderful. Don't worry about it being difficult, stuffy and Shakespearean - just read it. It's a funny and engrossing read, and very romantic.


  • I just heard about this the other day and put it on my Amazon wish list. I adore Ann Tyler and I'm glad to hear a good review of this. Thanks!
  • Since I'm new to Anne Tyler, which books of hers do you especially recommend? She's written quite a few, and it's a little overwhelming. Thanks!
  • Oh gosh, I read them all a long time ago, but my favorite was always Searching for Caleb. I need to reread it and see if it resonates with me now the same way it did 25 years ago!
  • I always worry about going back and rereading something that I loved (I'm looking at you Moving On by Larry McMurtry!). But thanks for the rec - I'll give it a whirl.
  • I'll have to check that one out. I really like The Clockwinder, and the Accidental Tourist, but I haven't read any of her later works.
  • My favorite is Saint Maybe. It's not one of the better-known ones, but it's a very interesting story and I found it very compelling. Breathing Lessons is my other favorite because the heroine seriously *is* me.
  • I quite liked Ladder of Years.  It's actually the one and only Anne Tyler that I unreservedly like.
  • I've always liked Anne Tyler.  She's very consistent for me and I especially appreciate how she can make the most mundane things and lives so interesting.

    She won the Pulitzer for Breathing Lessons, but I found that one pretty blah.  The three titles that stick in my head the most are The Accidental Tourist, Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant, and Saint Maybe.
  • I quite liked Ladder of Years.  It's actually the one and only Anne Tyler that I unreservedly like.

    Did you read Breathing Lessons and Saint Maybe? Now that we're talking about it I want to go read Saint Maybe again.
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