Marvel's Dr. Strange

Went to see it tonight and I rate it 4 shiny green Infinity Stones out of 5 totaled Ferraris.

It's not my favorite of the Marvel movies (that honor is a perpetual struggle between Iron Man 1 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier), but I definitely enjoyed it.  Cumberbatch seemed pretty believable in the part, had some emotional struggles that completely fit the character and the role he's supposed to fill, and there were some absolutely stellar laughs.  Mads Mikkelson was a hot villain, but a little underdeveloped, as are so many Marvel bad guys.  I actually *really* liked Rachel McAdams as doctor-in-her-own-right, with a very firm stance on what she wants and what she's willing to take.  Plus she had one or two of the best laughs of the night. 

The first post-credit scene is EVERYTHING incredible about Marvel.

The second post-credit scene had the place deadly silent before an "oooohhh" rang through the theater.


  • I really liked it too. Surely it has to be a shoe-in for a visual effects Oscar?

    I'd read the whitewashing critiques of it, so I was a bit apprehensive, but the people who'd complained that Benedict Wong was Strange's "manservant" didn't quite hit the mark. I thought Tilda was fabulous. She hit the same slightly creepy but awesome guru note that she played in The Beach (a movie I hated but she was good in).

    Rachel McAdams is Canadian, right? So there were no actual Americans in lead roles?
  • Ha! She is Canadian, so you're right, zero Americans in lead roles...that's friggen hilarious!

    If it isn't nom'd for a visual effects Oscar, I'm going to be pissed.  It was the most incredible and beautiful M.C. Escher inspired universe, and though for a moment here and there (like where the Ancient One was opening Strange's mind) it got a little cheesy, the Mirror Realm shots were simply stunning.

    Wong is very definitely a Master in this realm, so I'm glad to thumb my nose at the perpetually offended complainer brigade.  Sure, IF the Ancient One is always Asian in the comic books it might have been more consistent and appropriate to choose an Asian actress (I have no idea - I don't read comics because they use angry colors), but Tilda did SUCH a good job.  Despite being a zillion years old and running her own massive Earth safety net she was quixotic and vulnerable and I loved it.
  • Saw it tonight. I had no prior knowledge of the back story/comics, but really enjoyed it. The FX were amazing!
  • maybe I need to watch the trailer, keeping saying I need to see this but just feeling 'meh' about it *that* good??
  • maybe I need to watch the trailer, keeping saying I need to see this but just feeling 'meh' about it *that* good??
    Life-changing? No. 

    But fun. Generally I'd say you can wait until it turns up on TV but the visual effects are so spectacular they deserve to be seen on a bloody big screen.

  • Saw the movie on Friday. It HAS to be seen in a theatre. Probably the most stunning visual effects I've ever seen. Really amazing. It was a movie that kept my interest from start to finish. Never felt it lagged. I appreciated that the fight scenes were not over extended, and of course the special effects kept them from becoming boring.

    I've been neither here nor there on BCum, but he was really HOT in the movie, particularly with the goatee. While the reluctant hero, his presence carried the scenes, though his scenes with Tilda were an excellent battle of wills and she was great. At the end, he was clearly the in control and dominant superhero we expected.
  • It was a very different take on the origin story, and I must say, Marvel has done a really good job on all their origin stories except the villain ones.
  • Yeah, I would agree this is a big screen must. The visuals are pretty stunning.

    I'm also wildly proud of myself that I immediately recognized Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" early on. (Not a Floyd fan. My brother ruined them for me during our high school years and I still haven't recovered.) I also may have mumbled to myself 'Hi, Infinity Stone!' when the Eye of Agamotto opened up. Not that it was remotely a surprise since that's been an on-going thread from very early on.

    Tilda has a very certain otherworldy vibe to her that worked for the Ancient One even if I would have been very encouraged if they had cast an Asian woman (indeed, woefully under-represented in Western film). Hell, go with Ming-Na Wen and really fuck with people regarding the Marvel Universe. 'Is Melinda May the Ancient One?!' Okay, they'd never have gone that way but it's kind of funny to think about.

    As for the backstory... well, Strange has been around for a long time and Wong, in particular, has had his role shifted over the decades. He's not the stereotypical Asian manservant anymore. Hasn't been for quite some time and a lot of the more problematic aspects of what was back in the sixties (white man goes to the Mysterious East, surpasses everyone) have also shifted over the decades.

    "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" and other such phrases that Strange uses as incantation in the comics aren't exactly steeps in Eastern mysticism and the like. Strange and the mystic parts of the Marvel Universe are far more involved in the concept of multiple universes and different dimensions and use many different mythologies and religions as a means of tying it all together. I've always viewed it as more pulpy than an honest look at anything. Magic in Marvel is fucking WEIRD. It involves hell dimensions, demons, omniverses, Winding Way, soulswords, soul gems, voodoo, indigenous mythological figures, King Arthur and any number of other things. Of course, this is a world where various Gods and Goddesses are real and hang out with mortals. And don't even get me started on the Celestials. The point is, it's changed a LOT since 1963 when Dr. Strange first showed up.

    And while they didn't delve too deep into Kaecilius, this did happen to be an EXCELLENT set up for Mordo as Strange's adversary. I hope we see that develop because they've been too interested in one shot villains when there can be so much more. Only Loki has survived to threaten another day... now, hopefully, Mordo will too. That could get really interesting.
  • Loki is definitely the best Marvel villain.  I don't think Mordo can unseat him, but he's definitely set up for a cool arc.  I'd say Cottonmouth is the #2 Marvel villain, but that's up for debate :D
  • I enjoyed the film very much. Amused by the mid-credits sequence but felt a bit forced considering how much darker the end credit sequence was

    Tilda was great as expected but I still wish they had made the effort to find an asian actress to play the role. This ancient one is the kind of role that could be a star making career

    My only issue is with the special effects. They were inventive and striking but they got a little over-indulgent and overdone

    I did like they managed to make Rachel McAdam's role a little more substantial than the average love interest. Someone mentioned to me she looks like she's creating a certain niche for herself. Basically playing the love interest of a guy who can travel in time and played by non-american actors

    Note: Dr Strange; About Time; Time Traveler's Wife
  • Did you really think the mid-credits scene felt forced?  I thought it was glorious!  It was so much fun, and so exciting to get a hint about Thor: Ragnarok.
  • I was fine with the scene until I saw the the end credits scene. The Thor scene would have worked for me if it were the only credits sequence tagged on. For me the Mordo tag scene clashes with the Thor one.

    The scene with thor is funny on it's own but tonally completely out of sync with the mood of the film. Doctor Strange is actually a more serious movie than the majority of the other Marvel works. I appreciated that most of the time it was not "trying" to be funny or trying to too hard to "break tension". But it was dramatic without being heavy or heavy-handed making, it a little more refreshing. Mixing styles is good for the longterm survival of Marvel Films. We don't have the smart-assness of the Iron Man films (which of course is an important aspect of those movies). But there are a couple of moments with the cloak that strained things. The scene with the cloak cleaning his face was really going too far in terms of humor for me. Funny but not really needed for this film.

  • I honestly barely even noticed the cloak cleaning his face.  Rachel McAdams had the best laughs in the whole movie, and I think that suited the theme fine; that real world is one place, and this strange mystical dimension that needs protecting from a whole new class of demon is another.
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