• I've watched the China, Korea and Spain episodes so far.
    What stands out the most to me is how deeply Emeril is loved and respected by his fellow chefs and how much they enjoy hanging out with him.

    Best moment for me so far was Emeril overcome with emotion after Ferran Adria shows him his test lab/library/historical project. That was special.
  • LOVED this documentary series!  It is so great to see Emeril back on television, though this time on his own terms, freed from the shackles of FoodNetwork --the very network he helped build and was discarded from in favor of fake-cooking shows and competitions. I loved the Swedish episode --what a great surprise, and to have all those chefs who so obviously appreciate him.
  • The two things I knew about Emeril were that Anthony Bourdain was rude about him and his Kicked Up Coleslaw recipe is really good - but I've been enjoying it. I appreciate how open and appreciative he about to trying unfamiliar techniques and combinations. And I like the Boston accent.
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