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  • I get into a food rut and become more invested in Blue Apron.  But the last 2 weeks, I've only really made maybe 3 or 4 of the six meals.  When you're single, and the only one doing all the kitchen and cleaning, Blue Apron can sometimes create entirely too much work for me to want to deal with.  Granted, most recipes I can get 2 meals out of...but I spend just as much time trying  to not create the 15 dirty dishes I need in order to create the meal.  So, I have to study the recipe and make a game plan.  It's just one more thing....

    I also wished they kind of did the opposite of the delivery schedule.  It would be nice if they'd email you about 1-2 weeks out the offerings and let you accept or reject.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten surprise BA meals because I've forgotten to go in and skip deliveries. 

  • @TravelingDesign I figure they don't alert us in time to cancel for a reason! 

    I'd kind of hoped I could get my boyfriend interested in cooking with the BA boxes, but so far it hasn't really worked out that way - he hasn't actively resisted because I haven't actively persisted, but the scheduling hasn't worked out that well. 

    Not only are the meals rather dish-intensive, I really don't like the big block of text that covers all the prep work - I have invariably missed SOME step. Ah well! 
  • @heybethpdx  Ugh, the directions are the worst.  Bullet points is what I need.  Even the bold ingredient identification helps very little.  They use the whole top half of the front of the card for a flipping picture of the end result.  Such a waste of space in my opinion.  They should do a small picture of the end result, and the other 2/3 of the page the ingredients and prep.  Save the making of the food on the back.  

    I'm sure they do choose to force you to skip the deliveries for a bit of the reason you mentioned.  Their intention is to send one every week, so I can't blame them...

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    I only like plantain as tostones, as far as I have tried. And that doesn't sound very salady!

    OMG, I have to take this topic on another detour, you MUST google the video "Joe Rogan Bruce Testones"!  It's from the VH1 Fashion Awards (remember when they had that, many years ago?), and Joe portrays a fashion photographer.  The short clip is hilarious and sexy!  Warning:  there's a bit of nudity, so it may not be safe for your work!
  • My first PeachDish box is due tomorrow. I put BA on hold for a while to check out some of the other services - I was finding it a tad too much work and their system of choosing meals is a bit awkward. 

    PeachDish is Atlanta based and I was a bit hesitant since I'm all the way across the country on the West Coast, but when I contacted a customer service person at PD I was told they ship overnight everywhere. PD has good reviews, but is a bit more expensive than Blue Apron, not enough that it's a deterrent. I'll report when I've tried a recipe or two.

  • Interesting article about Blue Apron and other similar companies in today's New York Times: 

  • I screwed up last week and got a box each from Hello Fresh and Blue Apron! That's a LOT of food. The mac and cheese dish from BA made a ton of product. We only ate about half. The issue with mac and cheese is that it never is as good reheated as when it is fresh and creamy. The cod we ate last night, also from BA was delish, pan cooked with a sauce of soy sauce, butter, honey, and garlic. Also brown rice made with a whole can of coconut milk, with water added for enough liquid. I admit I was skeptical that this would work, but what a nice surprise, mildly coconut flavor went well with the fish. The baby bok choy did not cook so tender but had nice flavor with ginger and onions. Tonight some ginger stir fried beef from HF. I am realizing that ginger has played a part in many of the meals from these companies, more than I ever normally use. No complaints but interesting.
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    Reporting in on my venture into the PeachDish meal service. I'd expected a superior experience, but it didn't quite happen that way.

    My two recipes were a beef hot pot with Asian greens (bok choy), Ginger, and Potatoes and the Smothered and Covered Chicken with Herb Grits and Celery Salad. Compared to Blue Apron's B+ grade from my previous experience with them, I'd give PeachDish a B-  or C+ for several reasons. Hmm, on second thought, the free cookies and clementines that PD included were a nice touch and super yummy, so I'll stick with a B- grade.

    First reason for a lowered grade with the chicken dish is the quality of the chicken breasts from PD. They apparently have that annoying "solution of water and salt" stuff injected into them that causes an unsightly white leakage as the chicken cooks. BA's chicken didn't have that problem.

    Second reason was the chicken dish seasoning was so extremely strong it was unpalatable... I had to add more water and flour to the gravy to soften the spiciness (not very "hot" but very strong) from the seasoning packet and bouillon cube. The grits turned out too thick, but tasting fine and the chicken and "gravy" were okay with the adjustments. 

    What I couldn't do was bring myself to make a salad of sliced celery and shaved parmesan with a oil and mustard dressing. Mustard and celery just don't belong in the same sentence for me. Ate the celery stalks by themselves, though, and added the parmesan to the grits. Tasted fine.

    The ground beef hot pot dish was trouble free, except for some unusable bok choy, which didn't provide much in the way of "greens" for the stew anyway. The accompanying pictures showed many more greens. The potatoes took much longer to cook than suggested, but the meal turned out fairly well. My husband liked it better than I did though - I suspect that it would have been better if the liquid hadn't condensed so much as the potatoes cooked through.
    All in all I'm in a quandary. I don't want or need three meals a week delivered. That's what you have to have with Blue Apron. With PeachDish you can choose fewer, but pay for delivery. I suspect I'll keep trying other services to find the optimum choice.  
  • Just ordered BA for my daughter. She has been really interested in cooking lately. She was so excited to pick out her menu choices. She is only going to do 1 box a month since I'm paying for it.
  • Hm, I'm on my third meal delivery service now, alternating with Blue Apron, which I still like. The new one is Home Chef which I'm finding, after one week at least, to be excellent. 

    One of the pluses of Home Chef is that some of the vegetables come pre-chopped or sliced and are still nicely fresh. One recipe last week was an Italian Pork Chop with butternut squash and apple mash with a cream gravy. The squash was already cubed, thank goodness, and the meal was the best of any I've had so far in the three or so months I've been having the delivery services. The second meal was Cajun Shrimp and Cheddar grits. Quite good as well.

    One of the best aspects of Home Chef was the $30 off my first order. The price is $19.90 for two servings, which is about the lowest price available from these services. You can order as few as two meals a week or as many as eight. They appear to have 10-12 selections a week, with vegan meals included. Also available are smoothies kits and fruit baskets. Packaging was typical and the food arrived cold. The recipe cards were fine, easy to follow and informative, although the print was a bit small in sections. 

    All in all, I loved Home Chef's first week and am hoping the product continues to be this satisfactory, since this is probably the service I'll be sticking with if it continues to be outstanding. 
  • @Anniebets ; Thanks for the report on Home Chef!

    @GeoDiva ;  That's great.  Is your daughter old enough to do the cooking all on her own?  Let us know how it goes for her...I hope she has fun!
  • @Anniebets ; Thanks for the report on Home Chef!

    @GeoDiva ;  That's great.  Is your daughter old enough to do the cooking all on her own?  Let us know how it goes for her...I hope she has fun!

    My daughter is 21. Up until 9 months ago, she was practically afraid of the oven and wouldn't fry things in a pan. Then one day she texted me on how to make one of her favorite dishes and it just started from there. Her first box arrives tomorrow. She is so excited.
  • GeoDiva said:
    My daughter is 21. Up until 9 months ago, she was practically afraid of the oven and wouldn't fry things in a pan. Then one day she texted me on how to make one of her favorite dishes and it just started from there. Her first box arrives tomorrow. She is so excited.
    Keep us posted- this sounds like fun!
  • Well my daughter has loved her first Blue Apron box.  The first meal was the chicken with kale and potatoes.  All her life I have tried to get her to eat mushrooms and she wouldn't.  However, there were sauté mushrooms with this dish and she ate them and liked it.  I guess part of it was that she cooked them herself.  The second dish was the coconut curry shrimp.  I am allergic to coconut and hate curry, so these are two flavors that she really has not experienced before.  She said it was really good and her boyfriend loved it.  Overall, she said it was fun to prepare and cook, the ingredients were very fresh and  she would make then again on her own.  I am just glad she is trying new things and learning how to cook.

    So round one of the BA experiment has been a success. 

  • With me working again, and having a pretty long commute, I am not at all minded to cook when I get home. Husbeast is OK with that, because he likes cooking and I don't often let him. But. He wastes food. We'll have a fridge full of ingredients and he insists on buying things *we already have*. I have composted SO much veg this week! Very upsetting.

    So I showed him one of the box schemes we have available, which has pretty reasonably priced, calorie controlled meals. He thinks it is a fabulous idea. I asked if he thought he was actually capable of following a recipe card on his cooking nights... he agreed it was a valid concern. So I don't know!
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    Oh shit. Martha has entered the ring
  • Oh shit. Martha has entered the ring
    I'm curious to hear how much she charges, because the meal just isn't the same unless the water used is from a particular spring in Ireland and is shipped overnight in a handmade yak-skin vessel from Peru.
  • @nolakent  LOL LOL LOL  

    She's paired up with Marley Spoon, which I didn't know anything about until I read the AP story.  It's a little pricey at 3 meals for 2 people at $61.50 a week.  You might just get that spring water in Ireland delivered in a handmade yak-skin vessel! 
  • Don't forget the dolphin milk cheese.
    And the aquarium you'll need to build, since you'll be making that cheese yourself now that you've got dolphins handy in your backyard.
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    @nolakent ;  Today I got an email from Blue Apron informing me that they have JUST CHANGED their policy:  now they'll be giving a $20 credit to their subscribers if they get another person to sign up for a free box.

    This was *NOT* their policy in the past, when I offered you a box.  Just wanted you to know.
  • I got a free Hello Fresh box this week (thanks to a friend) and I'm enjoying it a lot.  I need to cancel the service this afternoon because I can't afford it, but man has it been fun trying this new stuff!  Tuesday I made Fiesty Shrimp Linguine (so simple and delicious, and all of the ingredients except the fresh oregano are reasonably affordable), and tonight I'm making the ginger beef stir fry, with beef pot stickers on Saturday!
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