Fenty Beauty

Has anyone tried Rhianna's makeup line yet?  The foundation range has people shook. 40 colors is apparently an unheard of range. It's getting good word of mouth. The only downside I've heard is that it dries slightly darker. I need to reup on ffoundation so I definitely plan to give it a try.


  • I got her universal color lip gloss. It's pretty good and very flattering.
  • I plan on going to Sephora to get colour matched for the foundation and to try a sample as my interest is definitely piqued. And even though I have no occasion to wear it but love me a blinding highlight you can see from space, I'm very curious to see how Trophy Wife will swatch on my skin since my undertone is yellow/warm to begin with. 

    I'm very curious to try APDG as well, their shade range is also impressive, especially for deeper skin tones. I want to try their sampler pack but they are always sold out whenever I go to the web site: https://www.apdg.co/foundation-concealer/

    Interestingly, they have a 2 fl oz option for $34, same price as just over an ounce for a bottle of Fenty Beauty foundation (there's also a .33 fl oz and the standard 1 fl oz available). 

  • I think I'm a 410 in Fenty. I do need foundation so I'm going i to get color matched to make sure. Hopefully my color isn't sod out . I read one blogger say Trophy Wife tinted green on med skintones. I'm more interested in the kilowatt shade.
  • Fingers crossed for you! I checked the Sephora Canada web site and they're sold out of the 2 shades I've narrowed down that I think I'm supposed to be :(

    I'll have to check in store to see if I'm either a 310 (medium-tan skin with very warm undertones) or 330 (tan skin with yellow undertones). I haven't had a chance to google it yet, but I wonder if there's a reference out there similar to The Ordinary foundations that say, if you're this shade in MAC, try these...

  • I haven't seen one and people are saying it dries darker so you need to skin match.
  • My bestie just bought her foundation. She says it's the best match she ever had.
  • I went in & got 'matched'. The shade was so off, some other woman in the stopped actually stopped me & commented on it! To be fair, it was one of the first days it was out & the Lenox Sephora was INSANE. From all accounts it also 'oxidizes'. I'd strongly suggest an in-store try-on.
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