Glitterland, by Alexis Hall

When I saw today's TLo post about Sebastian Stan, I was reminded of this delightful book - he has the beard-and-hair-style of protagonist Darian, though not the Essex-boy/Jersey-shore orange hue {wry grin}. The story's about a successful author who's suffering from bipolar disorder, and from the gradual disintegration of most of his closest relationships. He falls for someone quite outside his usual type, the "glitter pirate" Darian...

I listened to the book via the excellent audio version narrated by Nicholas Boultan, and enjoyed it thoroughly - it's funny, sexy, and touching, and if the plot arc is a bit formulaic it still worked for me. See more about the book at the publisher's page here.


  • I read one Alexis Hall book (Iron & Velvet) a while ago and was so unimpressed that I have shied away from his other stuff. On one level, I think the one I read was just an aberration because he was trying to write a lesbian protagonist, and everyone I know who likes M/M says he is fab at those, but on the other hand I&V was so bad I am gunshy.
  • I did wonder if I should try other Hall books - Glitterland's supposedly from a "Spires" series, which I'd hoped would revisit the same characters, but the book-summaries suggest that this is not the case. If you do want to give Glitterland a try, and if you like audiobooks, I recommend that: the narrator does the character voices very well.
  • I can't do audiobooks at all!
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