Mermaid fabric

So I'm sure everyone's seen the influx of mermaid fabric (heavily sequined, with dual-color sequins that can be "brushed" to show either color) in stores lately - on pencil cases, pillows, storage boxes, and suddenly, clothes!


Today I bought myself this ^^ dress and I'm thrilled (except now I need somewhere to wear it...) and it got me to thinking. Given that I wandered into a half-dozen stores in the mall today and saw this fabric on minidresses, miniskirts, tops, jumpsuits and pantsuits, what do the Kittens think of the new mermaid trend?

Which color set is best? The classic mermaid, blue-green one side and matte black the other? Black/gold? Silver/gold? Silver/red? Blue/silver?
^ Found this on how to sew with it, if anyone's curious. But it's $29.99/yd at Jo-Anns, which is why I bought the dress at Forever 21 for $37.90 because I could never make that dress as cheaply...or probably fit it as well!


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