And now: The Brooks Brothers sausage casing!

I love love love going to thrift shops and finding name brands, most of which are new with tags (NWT). I have a good friend, and often when we're out and about we pick things up for one another. So, she zips over to one of our fave society lady cast-off shops, and there are two Brooks Brothers sweaters, NWT, never worn, size XL. She buys them for me ($8 and $14.99) and joyfully brings them over.
Ahem. I look at them and think --OH my! For what inhabitants of which planet were these made for? Surely one where a size 6 is an XL? The sleeve length are right, but OH MY, there's a major chunk of fabric missing to go around, unless I want to wear it unbuttoned, or I don't mind looking like... well, no, we won't go into that. I'm a 14, which is pretty normal (I tell myself as I age).
I'm more than a little disappointed, I mean, I should be able to go there and find a high quality Merino sweater that engulfs me without going into men's sizing, right?

I'm thinking there are lots of WOMEN my size and larger who have probably given up on the brand since they started sizing for aliens. Zac Posen? Really? All that talk about designing for larger women... and it hasn't crossed over to Brooks Brothers yet?


  • I read just the other day that 67% of American women wear a 14 or higher, so we're not alone. I'm a 16/18 and have a couple of cheap-moderate priced tops that are a regular XL. I still hope to lose more weight, so I'm not ready to invest much in clothes at this size. I would like to be able to shop at boutiques and be able to fit into their clothes. Not there yet.
  • Yah, it's a pisser. Brooks Brothers has turned into higher quality Abercrombie and Fitch. It's too bad because I love the styling, some of the stuff fits, but then... it's like their pattern sizing is all over the place. Their top size is a 16, and believe me, lots of professional women are 14, 16, 18, 20. And from what I've experienced --their XL is more like a M.
    Huge disappointment! Huge!
    I also like Lafayette 148, which has great shirts my size. Talbots works well too, though honestly, their stuff can be a bit mumsy. And Eileen West is great too --sized well, and in proportion. But wow, I'm so disappointed in Zac Posen.
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