Songs/Albums you Must sing along with.



  • ANYthing from the Priscilla Queen of the Desert soundtrack
    (ditto any of ABBAs greatest hits)

    Anything Manhattan Transfer did (huge huge fan in the 80s)
    Early Amy Grant (Baby Baby, El Shadi, Old Mans Rhythm, etc)

    So with you about the soundtrack for Priscilla. That is one of my very favorite soundtracks. 
    Same for Manhattan Transfer.
    I will also sing along to September, That's The Way of The World, and Let's Groove Tonight by Earth Wind and Fire.
    And, Loveshack by B52's.
    Note that this is all done in the privacy of my home, as I have a voice that would shatter concrete.
    Marry me? :)

    (and YES to B-52s!!! (almost from Atlanta....:))

    Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk!!!!
  • Dua Lipa. I'm obsessed with her. OB. SESSED. If I hosted my own version of Carpool Karaoke, we'd be driving all over Toronto singing Lost in Your Light and Begging.
  • September-Earth, Wind and Fire,
    Gimme Shelter- The Stones,
    Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top,
    Jumping Jack Flash-The Stones,
    La Grange- ZZ Top,
    Anything by The Clash,
    David Bowie- Space Oddity and
    Prince- Controversy,
    Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing and Got To Give It Up.
  • And anything by AC/DC. When a song of theirs comes on the radio, the grown-up in me flees out the window and lets my inner rock star groupie reign supreme.
  • Today at lunch: "This is the day" The The. Complete w hand gestures & emoting!
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