Project Runway All-Stars remark

Watched the second episode last night. The theme was distressed clothing, and the results were surprisingly creative. However, Isaac Mizrahi described one of the dresses as looking like " a quinceanera dress". He was not being complimentary. I'm not a Latina, but I was offended by this insensitive remark. Did anyone else notice?
This post may go against the forum rules, but I wasn't sure where to post it. Maybe the T Lounge might be better? Thanks.


  • I noticed it, and I THINK he meant it looked very commercial. But you're right, he should've said "bad prom" or something...easy way to avoid the racial undertones!
  • It probably would have been more appropo if he said a "bad quincearnera dress" since the term quincearnera connotates a certain style of gown that is very princessy. Like with any other type/style of garment, there can be good ones and there can be bad ones

    I don't pay too much attention to PR All Stars anymore and one of the reasons is Isaac. When all is said and done, he really is not that good of a judge. He grates on my nerves and he's pretty blatant in his bias. Georgina has always struck me as much more helpful and insightful in her feedback.
  • Isaac annoys me, but Georgina clearly had a thing against Kelly and so I'm PISSED she got aufed so soon.
  • I think Kelly was one of the better designers on this season of PRAS. Hated to see her go.
    Isaac seems to channel MIchael Kors without the wit. Not sure I trust Georgina's judgement.
  • It took me a while with the weekly lead-ins ("top 5 conventional materials challenges", etc) to realize that they were referring to previous seasons of All-Stars; I didn't realize there had already been so many.
  • So Merline survived another round. Hated to see Char go, but she did have a bad night. This might have been the time to send 2 home.
  • The episodes are 1 hour shorter and the focus is on the designs not the drama, so I enjoy all-stars.
  • I saw a report today that the banruptcy of the Weinstein company could affect future seasons of PR
  • I stopped watching after Josh was auf'd. Sure, keep on all the BORING clothes. Ugh.
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    Truthfully I didn't even know there was an All Stars season til three weeks ago. SPOILER ALERT:
    Anthony won
  • I saw a report today that the bankruptcy of the Weinstein company could affect future seasons of PR

    I'm kind of hoping that the show goes away permanently. I don't enjoy it anymore at all, but still continue to watch it because I have no willpower. But it's not on, I will be saved from myself!

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