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  • I'm sure there have been wonderful, engaging documentaries made about what it's like in the world of classical music tho right?That's maybe where the truth lies, not in a drama. I mean I have a strong, life long ballet background, I don't give a second thought to ballet dramas, they're fiction. I enjoy watching them nonetheless. I'd be annoyed if a ballet documentary got it wrong, but not something like Black Swan or Center Stage. If people want to believe that's how all ballet dancers are, then that's up to them. But that's just me. 
  • I have to tell you that my husband is a classical clarinetist and he was in NYC working with the woman, Blair Tindall, who wrote the book "Mozart in the Jungle" during the times she talks about in her book, generally mid-70s to mid-80s.  He says she was only a passingly good oboe player who, as she accurately recounts, basically slept her way to some well-paying gigs.  Her book was incredibly hurtful to many people she had worked with, and who she used as very thinly-veiled characters.  She has basically been shunned by the classical music community ever since it came out.  We have a copy of the book and we use it as a prop for a broken window in our 100-year-old house; it's been rained on many times, the color from the cover & binding has run onto the pages, and it's all warped, but who cares?  It pains us and many of our friends that she is actually making money off this so-called "exposé".  Amazon is going to pay her anyway, and I suppose it is never a bad thing to get actors some work, but this book & show are earning her blood money.
    My husband was at the School of the Arts with her in the 1970s. He agrees with your husband's assessment 1000%.
  • Blair Tindall appears to be a very strange lady.  After I watched the show, I googled her and the book and found out that she was once married to Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy) for......6 months!  I don't remember if this was before or after she wrote her book.   The marriage IIRC was annulled. They have been in litigation ever since (maybe 10 years?) because she accuses him of using her to purchase their house (in LA I believe) and then leaving her broke, and she never got her money back.  I think I probably have the general outline here--didn't feel like looking it up again.  But anyway, it's a bizarre story and they both sound like really weird people.  She was very lucky that Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola found her book by chance and she seems to have landed on her feet.  I guess she left professional music long before and was teaching (and struggling financially) for a long time.  Anyway, I haven't read her book though I was considering it.  I guess I could use it around the house if nothing else LOL!
  • Yeah, I kinda have mixed feelings about reading the book now...

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Sometimes it's grossly incorrect and defies credibility.
    But Mr. Fatale plays the oboe, (amateur) in a bunch of orchestras and woodwind groups and I went to a chi-chi music conservatory.
    He is so thrilled to see the oboe(!) featured in a show, that it doesn't matter.
    We have some good, snarky laughs sometimes, but now we know how the police, doctors and lawyers (etc.) must feel.
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    I'm a professional classical musician as well, and I actually thought a lot of things the show got more or less right. Of course, many things were hyper-sensationalized like all television shows but generally I found things to be pretty spot on. Most of my colleagues have watched the show too and tend to agree. 

    I thought it was a terrible television show, however. It really lacked any sort of narrative whatsoever, and it always seemed to be completely unsure of what exactly it was trying to say about classical music. It kind of had a half-assed attempt at a continuous storyline, but it never really went anywhere. The book, while probably misguided and not in the finest of taste, at least had a very clear point to make and really stayed on message the whole time. The TV show seems almost watered down and aimless.
  • Is anyone watching Season 2? It is available now and I have watched the first few episodes. I am enjoying it, but it seems like a different show than last season-- same characters, not as frenetic.

    Also-- Bernadette Peters sings!
  • I haven't but I will. I loved the first season, despite it's flaws so if they've ironed some of those out then brilliant. 
  • I like this show. A lot. But I am surprised by the GG awards. Did not see the best actor award for Gael coming at all. Charming speech tho.
  • KarenFK said:
    I like this show. A lot. But I am surprised by the GG awards. Did not see the best actor award for Gael coming at all. Charming speech tho.
    That's the nature of the globes, The one saving grace about them is worthwhile shows/films that would never get a oscar/SAG/Emmy nom can get recognition from them. The Globes fawned over the X-files long before the emmys jumped on the bandwagon.

    However they are a dubious group that has a history of scandal and equally bad judgement. For every Wolf Hall you get an award for Lady GaGa
  • @Frank_821, yes they have the worst reputation. At least Gael Garcia Bernal is a good actor and the show is good, so I wouldn't consider the awards to either him or the show as a joke. Unlike Gaga. That award was ridiculous, as was her reaction-- you'd think she'd never won an award before!
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    I saw that the second season dropped, but I'm behind on my other shows, and my hubby and I DVRd  Mr. Robot when USA had a marathon and we've been going through that... it's on my "list", but the stuff @NurseEllen mentioned above definitely changed my perspective, so hopefully I can still sustain disbelief for a bit and enjoy it :)
  • I just found Mozart In the Jungle and have been thoroughly enjoying the first 2 seasons!! (there are 4 by now) I'm just a classic music appreciator... no talent, no experience, not even a strong education in it, just love listening to it. And, I'm loving the show - probably proving everyone's point (total bummer to read through the comments bashing the show for authenticity... I'm sure they are right, but geeze...). Anyway, as mentioned by an earlier post - it's just fun to watch a soapy drama in a different setting. I'm really enjoying it and love all the characters so far! Gael Garcia Bernal is dreamy, <3
  • I must be a curse - because almost exactly one month after finding this series, Amazon is canceling it. Wah!!!! Is there anything else like it that I could check out?
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