Eyebrow Microblading...Have you done it? Would you do it again?

I'm thinking about doing this because my poor eyebrows are disappearing.   They're naturally dark and were reasonably thick but over the past couple of years they're becoming patchy and I have more and more white brow hairs.  I have my hair colored (dark brown) and I'm probably totally grey by now and my hairdresser colors my brows too but white ones still poke through after a couple of weeks.  So I heard about microblading.  What do you ladies have to say about it?


  • I'm curious as well. The cost is a bit of a deterrent, but I've had a couple of people recommend a local reputable esthetics class looking for "models" aka people willing to take a risk, but the tradeoff is a discounted price. I've heard it hurts though. I just want to know how much pain is involved, like say on a scale of plucking your eyebrows to getting a bikini wax. 
  • I've been reading about it. At 53 I have  overplucked/waxxed  brows that are not growing back.  I miss my thick brows and get tired of filling them in each day. I priced them at around $500 - 600 with maintenance at $100 every 3mths or so. I was thinking of splurging with my incometax refund. Not sure about the pain. What I've read is it isn't bad. I figure I can survive multiple ear piercings, biweekly waxing and plucking and facial shingles, Hopefully there are no house or car issues to deal with.
  • I made an appt for a consultation in a few days.  I'll update this post with what I learned.  The pain factor and the upkeep has me a bit worried, so we'll see...
  • Like @Milaxx, I have over-plucked brows and have had for about 40 years.  They're not just over-plucked; they're uneven.  I don't really want them thick -just even and there.  The ends, particularly on the left brow, are pretty much gone.  

    Back in the early 70s, there some some trend towards thin brows like movie stars had in the 30s.  I liked old movies and had terrible brows and so I plucked.  And plucked too much.  If there was anyone local who did microblading (I've not looked) and we weren't finally having some major house renovations done this year,  I'd do it.  
  • I made an appt for a consultation in a few days.  I'll update this post with what I learned.  The pain factor and the upkeep has me a bit worried, so we'll see...

    Did you have the consult?
  • One of my fave beauty vloggers had it done recently  - if I can get a result like hers I would be very keen for it!
  • I did this five months ago and, while I need a fill-in, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It doesn't hurt all that much.  The gal who did mine put a numbing cream on me before she started the process.  You have to follow the after care instructions faithfully and avoid putting any retinol or pore clearing products on the brows for the duration (I unintentionally get product in my brows from time to time).

    I found a deal on Groupon.  I had used the spa for other treatments which helped with the doubts I had about getting permanent make-up.

    There are benefits that I didn't know before I went.  When the skin is penetrated with the needle, it causes new hair to grow.  I, too, have over-plucked brows that are not coming back.  At this point, there is new growth but I don't expect that my brows will ever fully grow back in.
  • Thinking seriously about doing this. I recently got eyelash extensions and have never been happier. I rarely wear eyeliner now and I was a person who wouldn't even take out the trash without eyeliner. So to not have to do my brows also, seem awesome.
  • Saving up for this. Unfortunately I need to repair a leak in my bathroom first.
  • this is a thing? *starts saving desperately*.
  • I inherited some money recently and want to do this - but finding someone good seems to be a challenge! I contacted one woman in London who seems to be really good and she's booked until July!
  • I watched it being done on the most recent episode of Say Yes: Wedding SOS. It's the one called Instant Family, and the couple's names are Jessica and David. It looked amazing and like real hair...I
  • I asked my hairdresser for recommendations and she mentioned one woman - I looked at her instagram and really don't want to look like the pictures she puts up, plus she's got celebrity clients which apparently make her about 50% more expensive than a lot of the others. But the woman she trained under is also doing them and charges less so I am considering her.
  • OK - so I just had my first session. I was getting a tattoo last month and discovered that one of the other tattooists at the studio is a trained microblader. It does hurt, initially (the numbing cream isn't particularly effective until the skin is broken so the first half hour felt pretty much like you'd expect having your eyebrows slashed with a razorblade to feel). Even now, with a bit of swelling and redness I like the effect. I go back in 5 weeks to touch up.
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