Queer eye

Has anyone been watching Queer eye? I went and had a look, and thought it would be much like the last season, but it is actually quite nuanced. They have in between shots of the guys being all prancey and flamey, which contrasts very strongly with how they deal with they fellow they are helping. The first episode is called “you can’t fix ugly” and is really worth a look. I watched it all back to back on Netflix, and have since been reflecting on it, which to me is a really good sign. The subtext seems to be about empathy generally.


  • I hated the original (with all the pandering stereotypes), but I've been assured by several friends that the current version is worth viewing. I've got it in my list, will try to get to it soon.
  • It’s not what you expect.
  • I'm rationing it out, and have really been enjoying it. Empathy and communication are the themes, and I've gotten kind of weepy at some of the endings. This crew is better behaved and thoughtful, but I do miss Carson throwing things out the window in disgust!
  • I've loved the reboot and enjoyed all the episodes. For one, I appreciate the diversity in the casting of the new Fab 5. I also think all of them have much stronger personalities and their screen time really plays to their strengths (besides Carson and Ted, I can't remember who the other guys are from the original). The 3rd episode was a real tearjerker for me (which is perfect when you're watching it on an airplane!), but I honestly connected emotionally to the Fab 5 and all the makeover subjects in the episodes. Definitely worth a watch, I hope there's a Season 2.
  • It’s the empathy and communication - going in both directions that really got me. I loved the way the guys were so nuanced with their clients - really meeting them on their level and addressing what was going on with them. It gave me a bit of a look and empathy with some people I would not normally come across. As I was watching the first epidode, there was a bit of “oh...OH! Oh wow.” I am really impressed by the people who made this series - and how often can you say that?

    Totally totally want season 2.
  • I’m not the right demo to comment if it’s more or less PC than the original, but I loved it. I believe that several issues are thoughtfully handled. It combines nuance and sensitivity in a way that I didn’t get from the original. A worthy binge.
  • Anyone watching Season 2? I just finished the first two episode. The first was just wonderful in it's exploration of church and LGBTQ issues. I do wish the 5 had attended homecoming at the end.
    The second one kept making me feel deeply uncomfortable. It was not clear to me how stable the finances of the two love birds were. Since all his clothes and the couch came from Goodwill, and they lived in a trailer, I just kept thinking that the suggestions of the Fab 5 were all for things they couldn't really afford. Simple things, like going out to get your hair cut. I assume that the show picked up the tab for the ring. While the couple were certainly good sports, the beginning made me deeply uncomfortable that it could be making fun of "poor folk". Curious to hear others reactions.
  • I watched the first episode of season 2 and did not like it. Christianity over there seems an unsafe and arbitrary organisation - one group of them is welcoming to queer folk, another group of them casts out queer 15 year olds onto the street, another group of them runs conversion therapy camps. And that whole “home coming” thing? “Welcoming” people who have “strayed”? Maybe they “strayed” because the church was a bad thing in their lives. Instead they should have a church atonement thing, where the church there apologises and atones for all the harm and damage they have done to everyone.

    I tried the second episode, did not feel good, and gave up. Don’t want to touch the series with a barge poll right now.
  • I simply love the fact it is in my home town :) (the 'loft' is in oh-so-trendy-it-hurts East Atlanta)... I also like that unlike the last incarnation of QE, men get to KEEP FACIAL HAIR! wooo hooo! (woofs). I want to see Ep 5, my favorite thrift store Lost & Found Thrift is highlighted (I have literally bought ALL my clothes there! (went from a 58 waist to a 38 waist)... AND it supports homeless LGBT youth(!)....

    As to the religion thing...it was nice...a wee bit heavy handed but in small town Ga, the church is a powerful thing... and I loved the moms heart...
  • I loved the lady in the first episode.
  • I had mixed feelings about S2... Some of the participants seemed uncomfortable with the process, but were going along with it to please others instead of to please themselves. I was really put off in particular by the Iranian-American guy's experience. The episode seemed humiliating to him, and I wish they'd emphasized the importance of therapy and mental health as much as grooming, eating well, and exercise. The poor guy seemed super-depressed. If he was being a pain in the ass to those around him, well, depressed people can be jerks (I speak from a deep well of experience here; no shame). I had the sense that his current state was due to being in an awful place mentally, rather then just being 'in a rut'. I wonder if maybe familial/cultural pressures from many sides - along with maybe some bad choices in school - hadn't caused him to shut down. ...Or, maybe I'm not a great candidate for reality tv. Still, I love that it's in and around Atlanta, and I really like the guys individually even if the show itself seems at times a little exploit-y. Yay Bearish's hometown! Ditto on the facial hair :)
  • I teach college students and I've seen many like Ari. I don't think he's depressed (yet), but rather just dealing with the kick in the pants which is leaving the position of the pampered prince at home. I LOVED how Karamo called him to task on why he failed the class. It's amazing how many students truly believe that they can pass a class while barely attending. He's should be glad the cameras were there to keep Mom from really having at him when he confessed.
    Because of this ep, I had to look up Karamo to figure out what training he had. In the past we worked as a social worker. This makes me happy that they found someone with training and experience helping people put together a plan to improve their lives. I do wish they were more overt about promoting how helpful it can be for anyone to consult with a therapist/psychologist/ social worker etc. to formulate a plan for your life. I see many, many students who are floundering but are incredibly resistant to talking to anyone about it. It's a real problem.
  • Overall I enjoyed this second round of episodes. My hubby and I did a binge over the weekend

    The only episode I felt dissatisfied with was the one with the artist who was moving to Reno. The guy who annually attended Burning Man. While I think the Fab 5 did him a solid with their efforts, I hated that he dediced to put his move "on hold" to pursue a relationship with the woman who nominated him. This woman who was supposedly he was "just friendfs" with. Based on this outcome and her reactions during the post makeup reveals, I felt her motives were much more self-serving.

    Most of what the Fab 5 do is cosmetic with some life coaching. However I felt like her real desire was for them to make him more suitable boyfriend material for her than to help him. After the reveals, she suddenly is making goo goo eyes and checking out the "new" him and commenting how NOW she wants to hang out at his home since it was redecorated. If she was really interetsed in the man under the suface, why did she wait now to suddenly show interest in? He was already an appelaing guy but was doing the move to help turn around his professional life.

    His friends said he was afraid of failure and success. Yet none of them-including this woman-seemed to be able or truly inlcined to help him overcome his fears. I've been in a similar situation where it's not just fear but complacency that is holding him back. His current situation and relations made it easy for him to play it safe and be stagnant. Deep down he knew he needed a major life change in order to improve things. And it's not like he doesn't know anyone in the Reno area.

    While I know some people will think I'm being too harsh on her, I think that new relationship is doomed if he doesn't turn things around to her satisfaction quickly enough. I even wouldn't be surprised if she never attended Burning Man and has no real interetsing in going. I fear that choosing to stay, the guy will fall back easily into his complacency.
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