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  • @HomeOfficeGirl Yay, so glad you had a good experience with Torrid! I love most of their stuff, including their jeans. Some of the tops do absolutely nothing for me but I've had good luck otherwise. :)

    I need to investigate some summer stuff from them. 
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    Happy... in fact so so relieved to report a 75% successful first order from Torrid for summer/vacation clothes.  All 3 pairs of shorts were perfect - jeans, black and khaki. 3 very flatting tops.  One very lovely strapless bra.  I need to return the sundress (empire waist strikes again... i'm a size 16-18, not 8 months pregnant!!) And a coral moto-style jacket I don't remember ordering and didn't really have a use for. 3 days ago I had to return every single piece from a LOFT order - they don't really do "plus size" apparently - I got XXL pieces - they were big enough I guess, but totally unstructured and unflattering.  Awful.  I was feeling very down in the dumps but now my spirits are lifted today now that I have found a source for flattering clothes!!    
    YAY! Successful clothing shopping is such a nice ego boost. I wish brick and mortar stores would understand that plus size gals want the in store experience as well. A few other good & inexpensive choices are Old Navy (online) and Forever 21 online. I especially recommend F21 for swimwear. The bras are surprisingly supportive.
  • Has anyone seen the Beth Ditto stuff in real life? It's not affordable for me and I don't think I am the Beth Ditto Girl, but I like the sound of what she is doing.
  • Nope, just on bloggers
  • Ugh.  Just had one of THOSE shopping trips. My office closed early so I ran a couple of errands. I needed some eye makeup remover, so I stopped at the mall to hit the Lancome counter at Macy's.  While I was there, I thought I'd see if I could find something new for Easter.


    I left totally frustrated.  Not one dress or skirt came close to fitting me properly or being flattering.  To add insult to injury, I stopped in the shoe department. I wear an 11, because, well, I'm SIX FOOT ONE. If I had shorter feet, I'd tip over. None of the cute, floral kitten heels I was drooling over were in stock over a size 10.

    I am SO sick and tired of being marginalized by the main stream fashion world! 
  • @singingPhoenixD I wear an 11-12 and gave up on shoe shopping in stores years ago. The last time I asked for an 11 in a department store the girl looked at me like I had 3 heads.  Their reaction is a bit embarrassing to be honest and a huge part of the reason I shop primarily online for shoes. But shit! It would be really nice to go shoe shopping and not be told "the biggest we have is a 9, so sorry..we usually only get 1 pair your size"

    (((Hugs)))  I feel your pain. 

  • Thanks.  This Macy's is particularly bad about both the plus size department and the shoe department. It's a shame that it's the one most convenient for me because it's on my drive home from work.

    The dress thing really bugged, because the styles were SO limited and there were so many lovely spring dresses I walked past in the other departments, which was what I really wanted.
  • so typical that the suit I like the most is the most expensive. I can't imagine ever spending £120 on bathers!
  • Happy to report a very successful shopping trip this weekend at Torrid! I always have good luck there but went because I was really looking for tops that I can end up wearing under cardigans and jackets for work (I got rid of a TON before we moved). So. $225 later, I got a long cardigan, 2 blazers (purple and navy blue), 3 camis and a sleeveless top. I was beyond thrilled. And the $225 was after 30% off of everything +$10. Nothing like new clothes for a mood booster when your boss is coming into town this week.
  • Y'know, I didn't much care for him when he was on PR, but damn if he hasn't become one of my favorite people to see worn on the RC. And he gives a good interview. 

    It's not cold enough to wear the coat I bought thru Lane Bryant by him, but I'm looking forward to it. 
  • he will always be 'Princess Puffysleaves' to me..I so miss the T'lo days of knick-names!! (and following/can't wait to read post of whatever show was neat at that time...sigh
  • Thanks to TLo's Gifting posts that had a link to Nordstrom Rack's online store... I stumbled onto their Plus apparel and they actually have a pretty nice selection.  I'm going to order a few things and see how it goes.
  • I'll have to check Nordstrom's. I always forget about them. 
  • UGH! I've lost 50 lbs but am still plus-sized & I have a FABULOUS wedding to go to next month. I can't find ANYTHING. :( I want: pretty, flattering, and comfortable. I am: sad.
  • Come on, we can't let you give up on going to a fabulous wedding. Is it at night, during the day, on the beach, outside? I know the great BK minds here can come up with some gorgeous outfits. I love dressy pants and a beautiful top, but I'm not a dress wearer.
  • Evening reception, invite says ‘formal’. I was thinking glam skirt & sparkly top, but then I found a new dress in my closet today!
    Bought it last year, too small! It’s not perfect but it’s good in case I find nothing else! It’s emerald w unevenly distributed white dots, floor length, sleveless, some weird taffeta-like material.
  • You said you want pretty, flattering, and comfortable. Your dress sounds pretty but, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't meet the other criteria. Does it make you feel fabulous? Is it still to small and could it be altered?
  • You sell "weird taffeta-like" material so well.
  • Heee. It’s still a little small, but I’m still losing weight :) I ordered a ‘hi-low’ dress from Macys that should be here tmrw.
  • If you like the Macy's dress, would you post a link so we can admire it?!
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    If you like the Macy's dress, would you post a link so we can admire it?!

    Yes! It came the other day, then I went out of town, so I need to try it on. I think it will wrinkle like a mofo.
  • Gorgeous dress! I read the reviews and no one mentioned that it wrinkled easily. In fact, one person said that it didn't.
  • Very pretty!
  • Thanks y'all! :)
  • What I want now that I'm an older plus: everything stretch, no iron material. yes that makes me lazy. I don't love ironing, and I love being comfortable. Crew necklines, sleeves down to my elbow. Boat neck I don't mind, but I avoid scoop or low v-necks. While I could get away with this into my 50's, now that I'm over 60 I find it's not such a great look. Nothing that shows decolletage or tummy. So that means no cropped shirts either. Definitely prefer longer tops with some ruching. I'm finding that I want something with some kind of a collar more & more. I have a crone's hump now and it is not something I want to show off.

    I find it is harder & harder to find something that is flattering. There is some great clothing now for a plus size body, but a lot of that clothing has a younger girl in mind. Love the vintage looks on Pin Up Girl Clothing, and I also, in the past, really loved a lot of the looks at White House Black Market. For work, I do wear a lot of stuff from JJill, but I find a lot of their silhouettes kind of boxy, and that's not a great look for my body type. I need something a bit more tailored. I do have one of their 'swing' tops and it is quite flattering, but IMHO the sleeves are too short. See note above about wanting to cover my upper arms :-/ Totally hate cap sleeves. Anything empire waistline is out as well.
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    @maschultz totally agree about cap sleeves and empire waistlines - they don't flatter me at all! And the tailoring. I need a defined waistline.
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