Has anyone watched "A Stitch in Time"?

It's a lovely 6 part BBC documentary where they try to recreate historical garments using materials and techniques that would have been used at the time of the original manufacture. I especially love the episode where they tried to recreate the gorgeous green dress from the "Arnolfini Wedding" portrait by van Eyck.


  • That sounds amazing!
  • You can find all six episodes on YouTube, they are fabulous. They recreate the garments not just using the original techniques, they investigate the history surrounding the clothing. If I remember correctly the six episodes cover: The Arnolfini Wedding where they recreate the dress; a portrait of Charles II receiving a pineapple from his gardner while in "casual" dress where they recreate his outfit; the portrait of Lady Elizabeth Murray and her cousin Dido Belle where they recreate Dido's outfit; The effigy of Edward, the Black Prince, where they recreate his heraldic Jupon; The infamous "scandalous" portrait of Marie Antoinette in a muslin dress where they recreate the dress; and a portrait of a hedge cutter where they recreate the gorgeous leather coat he is wearing.
  • Thanks for the tip!

    You might be interested in the YouTube channel of Janet Stephens, a hairdresser/scholar who recreates historical hairstyles using only period-appropriate tools: https://www.youtube.com/user/jntvstp/videos There's a great interview with her on The History Blog here
  • I'll definitely have to check it out!
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