Championship Hair Flipping/Flinging



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    For curlies all over the world, we all share the common enemy of frizz. It never fails. You wake up and give your beautiful mane the rightful attention it deserves, primping and obsessing over your curls, coils, and waves. You finally achieve the hair goals you set for yourself, and you’re ready to take on the day. You’re feeling good and then it happens seemingly out of nowhere. BAM! The eternal enemies of curly girls everywhere strike and your good hair day has fizzled out. That's why we created the Frizz Forecast.

    Since we all know that weather and natural elements are the natural enemies of hair, we have created our Frizz Forecast to help you be prepared. Any time the cuticles on hair strands becomes raised, frizzies can happen. Sometimes this occurs because of hair being dry or unhealthy, but more often it is caused by the weather.

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