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  • Susparr
    ...would have been easier. Hell, Dornan could have rewritten the damn script if he had been hired to do so! But instead he gave it his all because he is someone who tries to work with others instead of showcasing himself. BACK OFF!
    October 2015
  • Susparr
    I might be a tad touchy about folks who demean Jamie Dornan, but I really am tired of the Fifty SOG naysayers.
    1. If the writing for the movie had been the same high quality as it was for The Fall, we'd have seen critically acclaimed performances from both lead actors.
    2. The point of the story came across very well, to me anyway. Christian is a damaged soul who is trying to make himself a place in life. He has no role models, so he does his best with his tarnished mentors who've shown him how to stay alive but not how to flourish. Along comes bright-eyed, clever Ana who introduces Christian to simple acceptance of Self. Self love. With self love comes loving others. Christian throws off his disfunctional protective armor and gives and gets ... As does Ana, who gives up her protective armor as well.
    3. Jamie Dornan was able to demonstrate Christian's foibles as well as his desire to rise out of the ashes. If there had been a superior script, like the script for The Fall, Dornan's job
    October 2015