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  • rainwood
    I just wanted to say how much I admire what you've done and are doing for Gracie/soon to be Tinkerbelle.  I don't post very often but have been following her story.  I have put a check for $500 in the mail on Wednesday to help defer expenses.  This is in memory of my lovely Lab, Nina, who I lost in March.  

    Donna aka rainwood

    May 2016
  • formerlyAnon
    Girl, hope your biopsy happened and went smoothly. And that's over and done with.

    If it got rescheduled or something, sorry for bringing it up! I haven't had time to really "do" the Forums - or even mostly the website until the last couple of days - so I might have missed something.

    Hope there's some fun and/or interesting stuff going on with the start of the school year (I seem to remember you still have kids in high school or college) - it hasn't just been an endless round of errands & forms!

    September 2015
  • HotTamale
    Just wanted to say.... the advice you gave to the unhappy young woman living with her sister and complaining about her sister (and life in general) was totally on mark. I could not think of a tactful way to reign in her victimhood. You did a much better job than I ever could have done.

    Be well.
    April 2015